Call for participation in the Upgrade Libraries Sprint

Following the Discussion here, I would want to call upon any dev to get invloved in this sprint ,so as to be able to upgrade the selected libraries for the Platform 2.3 Release, as work should All work should be done latest 21th May. Feel free to work on any of these

cc @ruhanga @samuel34 @tendomart @dkayiwa

Did you get a chance to look at this?

You will learn about how to fully prepare a sprint to a point when you are ready to call upon the community to work on it.

@dkayiwa, i created the board and a sprint in the board. but when i try to start the sprint in jira, it warns "Can be planned but not started until the completion of above active sprint" see the board here

Report that to help desk.

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@mozzy i think i can join you for this

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@herbert24 feel free to take up any Ticket there as i organise the sprint page.

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@mozzy that sounds awesome

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cc @dev1 @dev2 @dev3 , Feel free to come and join the Upgrade Libraries Sprint.

see the Sprint Board

A sprint with only two tickets? Which are still in TODO and not yet ready for work column. Can you first get ready before calling out for people to join the sprint? Did you look at any of the old posts from Andela apprentices to see how a post calling for people to join a sprint looks like?

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