Board to organize Platform 2.5.0 Release

FYI @gcliff @herbert24 @dkayiwa - As discussed/promised in our PM Team Call today, we’ve created this 2.5.0 Platform Release Board to help track any issues that may arise with 2.4.0 which will need to be addressed in the future 2.5.0 release.

Board available at this link:

Any issue, from any project, will automatically appear on this board as long as the “affectedVersion” is listed as either “Core 2.4.0” or “Platform 2.4.0”.

(JQL search query: affectedVersion in ("Core 2.4.0", "Platform 2.4.0") AND status != closed)

CC @jwnasambu @gracebish @sharif @mozzy @christine @jennifer


Hi @grace,

This the only thread I found tagged for 2.5.0 so writing this here as a post-it.

A couple of ideas to brainstorm for the 2.5.0 roadmap:

  1. Support for i18n of metadata in Core (see for example this thread.)
  2. Support for timezones across the Platform (and beyond, see also about HFE here.)
  3. Support for FHIR Group through maybe a new Core Group entity replacing Cohort (see Slack discussion here.)
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Thank you Dimitri!! Added to the Technical Roadmap page which has a new Ideas section in the main body, since the main goals/themes aren’t clear yet. Technical Roadmap - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

We’ll also be deep-diving into this topic in this week’s TAC call :slight_smile: