Be the OpenMRS Translation Manager!

Hi all, It has been a while since I participated with any talk within the community, but I still follow up with the news. Once I saw Darius’ post I had to respond because this point is something I’ve having in my mind for a long time-unfortunately. I am not sure if this has been provided by other members yet, but I have done a full translation of OpenMRS to Arabic. On top of that, I’ve found the solution for the text direction issue I had long time. When switching from LTR to RTL languages (i.e. Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew) I had a problem with the text direction since it was sat to the LTR settings. With the solution I developed the user will have the appropriate UI either way he chooses the language. I wanted to upload the files for long time now, but I always had something making me forget (or maybe thinking about more development).


Hi @darius, i’m interested to support the community with good translations. For this i apply as the I18N Manager. I worked with tranifex as translator and reviewer. I have no experience with managing this tool but i’m confident to learn this fast.


This is great @teamprojekt! I will follow up via PM.



I’m Interest Too, I had been contributing to the translation into Spanish what I have to do?

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@ibatista, @teamprojekt has started to lay out a plan for how how we will approach translation. He’ll be sharing this soon, so maybe when that happens you can join in and help us review and revise the plan?


@darius Of course, I will always be ready to help

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@darius and @teamprojekt, will you be able to have that discussion in this #dev:translation talk category. As this is one of the requirements under release of Reference Application 2.4 . @jdegraft will also be able to monitor this to confirm if this will be included in the Reference Application 2.4 or not.

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@maurya, @jdegraft, I think we have already missed our window for the 2.4 refapp release, because most modules have already been released without us reminding people to pull in translations.

Unfortunately I guess we’ll have to bump this to refapp 2.5. :frowning:

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sounds good :thumbsup:

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I would like to contribute with this project. Count with me!

Unfortunately, @teamprojekt no longer has time to work as our Translation Manager, and has stepped down from the position. Thanks, @teamprojekt, for the effort and ideas you put in (and of course the German translations), and we hope to have you onboard again in the future when time allows.

We are looking for another volunteer for this role. See my initial post in this thread for details:

@ibatista, @kant, perhaps you’d consider this?

I can make time to work on this, just tell me what is the process

I can do spanish. Although I think most of it was complete already.

I realized that the up-front work is now a bit different than what’s written in the first post, because of the work that we’ve already done. It should read:

Up front work:

  • Become familiar with the capabilities of the Transifex tool.
  • Mark all existing translations as reviewed
  • this either requires lots of manual clicking, or else scripting the transifex REST API, perhaps with some library from npm
  • Work with Cintia and I to ensure that translations are pulled into modules automatically by CI
  • work so far is described here and the ticket is here.
  • Document a process on the wiki by which people can become reviewers for particular languages

@chagara, I’m not asking for people to translate, but rather for someone who wants to help manage other volunteer translation efforts.

Let me know who’s up for this!

@darius I don’t have so much knowledge of programming [quote=“darius, post:18, topic:4632”] this either requires lots of manual clicking, or else scripting the transifex REST API [/quote]

if you can explain to me how do the work, i’m fine!

Can we try to talk by voice tomorrow? If so, send me a PM and we’ll figure out the details.

-Darius (by phone)

@ibatista, sorry for the delay on this–I’ve been busy! I just wrote up a section on this wiki page about what we need the Translation Manager to do.

The important things to start looking at are the top three bullet points:

  • Make sure all new translations are reviewed in a reasonable amount of time
  • Make sure that all languages that have translations are available in modules
  • Make sure that any reported “translation issues” in Transifex are being addressed

The idea is to start off by checking on these things manually in Transifex so that we (1) figure out how to respond when this happens, and (2) understand the actual process of doing this so we can then automate it.

Do you have some time to learn about the Transifex tool, and explore how to verify these things?

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