Banda Health (formerly OpenHMIS) modules are now compatible with platform 2.x!

Hi Everyone,

The Banda Health (formally OpenHMIS) team is glad to announce that our modules are now compatible with platform 2.x!

Full Documentation:


Kindly don’t hesitate to reach out to us if/when you come across any issues while installing/using our mods.

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With thanks,

Andrew, Banda HealthTeam


This is awesome! Thanks @insiderish and the entire @BandaHealth team. :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you @insiderish and Banda!

@insiderish glad tidings!

Awesome! @insiderish It would be really useful to know about what things you had to address in order to make your modules compatible. This would add to our ongoing discussion about getting folks upgraded/compatible with 2.x platform. [1][2]

[1] Proposing a sprint to help people upgrade to Platform 2.x (Mozambique tried to upgrade to Platform 2.x, but was blocked for various reasons)

[2] "Help People Upgrade to Platform 2.x" Sprint Announcement

Here are some of the changes that we made:

  • UserService.saveUser changed signature
  • BaseOpenmrsMetadata.isRetired
  • BaseOpenmrsData.isVoided
  • CriteriaImpl different package in hibernate 3 vs 4
  • Reflection to load correct class: CriteriaImplWrapper
  • patient_identifier_type.check_digit removed
  • FK enforced for each XML dataset statement
  • Override BaseModuleContextSensitiveTest.executeDataSet method and turn FK off, execute dataset, then turn FK back on
  • drug.dose_strength removed
  • drug.units removed
  • Dates include time (down to ms) in dbunit tests
  • Use DateUtils.isSameDay with checks for nulls