Need advice and suggestions on Integration between ERPNext with OpenMRS ?

We are working from last two years with openmrs.We have developed a customize client side application on top of openmrs.We are in a position we can say that our application is completed for small to medium sized hospital.The problem is that we are missing the core billing module and Pharmacy. We have looked to Bahmni implementation/Integration with odoo and try to do the same things.As we experienced that odoo is not completely free and its’ complex integration through atom feed module. On the other ERPNext by looks simple and more promising because its completely opensource instead of premium services.Before going to this adventures I have these question please advice and suggests.

1:Is it good choice to try out this new implementations. 2:What about the database consistency between the two differences databases openmrs(Mysql) and MariaDB for ErpNext. 3:Any other issues we may not considering please let us know.

Link to ERPNext:

Thanks Albasr Team

Did you look at these modules from Banda Health? Banda Health (formerly OpenHMIS) modules are now compatible with platform 2.x!

Yes we have setup these modules also and run demo with it as well.It functionality is limited.We have show to end user and didn’t like it.Most user demands a Integrated ERP systems which consists of Human Resource,Client Relation Management etc.Assets

Do you have to pay for the community edition of odoo?

Hi @naveed1228, interesting!

  1. I don’t know if ERPNext is a good choice or not, but it would be interesting to see more OpenMRS <-> ERP integrations coming. As long as the integration process follows some sort of reusable/expandable standard.

  2. The consistency between the EMR and ERP databases in regards to the entities shared by both sides (such as patients <-> customers for example) and that should remain in sync is precisely supported by messaging technologies such as an Atom feed. Whatever integration you envision you will need an asynchronous way to synchronise data (one way or both ways).

Yes most of the time when you need a particular feature it’s paid.This is not the issue as we are currently using the atom feed for synchronization.Our experience is good with odoo due to complexity.

Thanks for the advice.We are evaluating with helps of guys experience like you