*Extra* Bahmni PAT call 9-May-2018

We are going to have an extra PAT call tomorrow, to discuss development status of the 0.91 release, and determine whether we are still on track to have a code freeze on May 16 (from Bahmni v0.91 Release Timeline).

Call-in details

Notes at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hotilsXK65LV_G_3RDf9AsZdmopmMoHauk60mnEwFzU/edit


  1. We are going to delay the 0.91 code freeze date by 2 week (to May 30)
  2. We will not delay again; anything not merged by that date will be bumped to a later release
  3. We need help reviewing PRs, or else things will not be included in 0.91. Any dev can help with this, even just doing initial reviews.
  4. At this point, only the product architecture team can add new tickets to the 0.91 fix version in JIRA at this point.
  5. We will have weekly PAT call during the release process