Bahmni Squads - Daily Standup and Tech huddle

Good day,

In December we showcased progress from various Bahmni squads in our PAT call. Here is a quick description for our squads.

  • Bahmni@next squad - Focusing on face-lifting Bahmni with a goal of
    a) Moving out of AngularJS
    b) More sustainable and decoupled web architecture
    c) Enhanced user experience Currently working on the medication tab - talk thread

  • Community squad - Responsible to analyze top priority bahmni issues , those which are domain specific, require coordination across OpenMRS (or other sub-products). Provide sufficient high level clarity for second-level items so that other teams, volunteers, community members can pick them and help contribute. for e.g. they are currently helping with upgrading bahmni to log4j 2.x

  • Docker squad - Containerizing bahmni along with migrating CI/CD to github actions.

Please feel free to join our daily squad standup and tech huddle at 2:30 pm IST (at the moment we have a combined standup for all squads for shared context on cross cutting concerns).

Time: Daily (Monday to Friday) 2:30 PM IST
Zoom: Join Stanup
Bahmni Active Projects: Gives more information about current active projects, documentation and slack channels

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