Bahmni PAT call Oct 31st 2018

Dear All,

PAT call happening at 7:30 pm IST today, thats 2 pm UTC, 10 am ET. Zoom meeting.

Please update your agenda below

  1. Update on release 0.92 - development sprint - infra, platform, Odoo upgrade

@arjun, @pramidat, @mksd, @sruti, @angshuonline, @ramses, @ramashish, @darius, @ajeenckya, @nehagupt

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From possible , we would like to talk about billing customizations (pay before service flow approach).

cc: @dipakthapa | @sanjayap

We would like to discuss the FSN vs short name convention. See:

We would like to discuss the following

1.Lab - Results Performance Issue

2.Lab - Issue in sorting of Results

3.Lab - Synchronising the rejected Lab tests results from Open ELIS to OpenMRS

4.Lab - External Orders - Provision to add new Patient and Sample in the same page

5.Lab/OpenMRS - Capturing the date and time when the Test results are updated back to OpenMRS from OpenELIS

6.OpenMRS - Configuration to make notes for certain Lab tests mandatory

7.Lab - Generating reports by combining data from OpenMRS DB and OpenELIS DB

8.OpenMRS - Display control to show last n visits non empty data

9.OpenMRS - Printout - Displaying the username who filled the forms in the printout

10.Appointment - The filter tree view to be collapsed by default

11.Appointment - Filter option UI enhancement

We need to discuss Merging bahmni-openmrs, bahmni-emr rpms on priority.

PAT call notes can be found here.

Thanks @angshuonline for taking them.

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Thank you @mksd