Bahmni: enforce short name as the default display name

Hi Bahmni team,

I’m posting this ahead of PAT calls as we keep running into issues with the FSN vs short name conundrum.

Two facts:

  1. Bahmni Config uses concepts fully specified names (FSN) as keys to unequivocally fetch concepts.
  2. Bahmni forms should display short names by default, following point 3 of the ‘General Guidelines to Define Observation Forms and Concepts’ here.

I think it’s fine to generalise the above principles everywhere in Bahmni:

  • FSNs to be used as unique keys to reference concepts.
  • Short names to be the default display for any concept.
  • FSN to be the fallback display for any concept.
  • Stick to it consistently.

There are multiple places in Bahmni Core where the above is violated, see BAH-291 for an example. I guess that if we change Bahmni Core to follow the 3 rules above this will upset current implementations’ metadata management. I would like to suggest to not change Bahmni Core’s behaviour but at least ensure that the above rules could be followed when some setting is turned on, as in ‘enforce display of short names’ set to true.

What do people think?

@arjun, @pramidat, @mksrom , @sruti, @angshuonline, @ramses, @ramashish, @darius, @ajeenckya, @nehagupt


Yes, I agree. Henceforth ‘enforce display of short names’ can act as a safety switch to bring future versions of Bahmni Core and implementations on track to follow these rules.