Bahmni PAT call 20th Mar 2019

Dear All,

PAT call happening at 7:30 pm IST today, thats 2 pm UTC, 9 am ET. Zoom meeting:

Please update your agenda below.

  1. Bahmni 0.92 updates
  2. Odoo Integration updates

@ajeenckya, @angshuonline, @arjun, @darius, @ivange94, @krishnanspace, @mksd, @mksrom, @nehagupt, @pramidat, @ramashish, @ramses, @shilpa, @shivarachakonda, @snehabagri, @sruti, @swathivarkala, @vmalini

Hi, we would like to discuss the following topics:

  1. FormBuilder Drag & Drop: Drag & Drop Controls in FormBuilder

  2. Add Provider Attributes: Add Providers from Bahmni UI

  3. Request to include the following bugs/enhancements in Bahmni 0.91:

CC: @snehabagri @pramidat @vmalini

We would have 2 topics that I think will take considerable time.

  1. Odoo demonstration of work being done so far.
  2. Continuing with our Roadmap discussion
  1. Bahmni w/ Docker

Please find the meetings notes here

The JIRA cards lists are updated here. Apart from the items that are already marked for 0.93 (mainly because there already is a PR or willing contributor or TECH debts or must-have improvements that the core team has agreed on), there are a few feature requests, improvements, enhancements. We will mostly go through them, rather than all the items listed in here. Feel free to leave comments for discussions.