Add Providers from Bahmni UI

Context: During the course of using Bahmni, often new surgeons join the hospital and old surgeons may leave. This also includes other support staff such as nurses and anaesthetics.

So far, our client has been depending on our company to perform these tasks to keep the list of providers updated. In order to give them more power to perform these actions from the UI, we propose the following steps:

  1. Create a user with limited privileges to add providers and add users under the Admin module. When a user wants to add a new surgeon, he/she can go to this module, which is redirected to the OpenMRS module. It allows the user to perform the necessary actions but if the user tries to access other privileges on OpenMRS, he/she will be restricted. This is required to ensure that there is no other adverse action that impact the EMR is performed.

  1. To add the surgeon to forms, OT module, etc. we will create a provider attribute called isSurgeon. When checked True, we will create/re-use an existing API to call all providers who are surgeons, and can then be accessed in forms, OT module, etc.

Please let us know of your comments on this, so that we can take this forward.

cc: @snehabagri @vmalini @pramidat @shivarachakonda @angshuonline @rajashri @binduak

  1. If I understand, all you are asking is a better UI? You can do all these from OpenMRS Admin UI. Will that not suffice? I understand that the provider search and screens of LegacyUI are not the best. But if this will do, then from the admin-section, you just need links to the provider module.

  2. For this, the mechanism with attributes already exist. All you need is an ability to filter the providers by their attributes. For which you need to enhance the search API a bit. Check out BAH-755

Hi @angshuonline,

For 1, we don’t think any action is required. We shared the approach to give context to point number 2.

In case of 2, we agree with what you recommended i.e. Add an additional attribute called isSurgeon and use the API to filter out the providers. As you mentioned, changes to the API will need to be made, and it will be called in the OT Module

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