Bahmni offline: what's the status of the Bahmni Android app?

Hi Bahmni team,

We are two fingers away to receive the green light on a new project for which we will most likely use Bahmni. I will say a lot more about this project when/if everything becomes official but in the meantime I first need to clarify what can or cannot be done, and what’s on the roadmap or not, regarding making Bahmni work offline with mobile devices. Actually by mobile devices I mean Android based tablets.

I guess this rules out the Chromium extension and leaves us with the Android app.

I would be grateful if you could shed some light here or point to the relevant docs/demos… etc.

Thanks in advance! Dimitri

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Hi Dimitri,

Currently, via offline app, one should be able to -

  • Register a patient
  • Search for existing patient if synced to device.
  • Add observations in our consultation page.
  • View existing Drug Orders, Lab Orders, Diagnosis, Observations.
  • View Visits details.

For more details, please go through our wiki -

*Wiki is not very up to date right now.


Thanks @vinkesh, that sounds great!

However I was looking at this page: ‘Offline Android/Chromium pipeline’ and the link to the APK requires a login… Anyway, when do you intend to push it on Google Play?

Thanks for letting me know. D

Hi Dimitri,

Apart from the features above, some information about data sync to offline device: The data flow from Bahmni server to a offline device can be based on a strategy (i.e.) either all the data can be synced to a single offline device OR patients can be synced to a device based on certain patient attributes. For example, all the patients of certain state/village can be synced to a device or all the patients with a certain type of attributes can be synced to a device or we can plugin a custom logic based on which you can let the app know which patients to sync. For further information on sync refer:


Hi @shruthipitta,

Thanks, that sounds really super promising. At this stage I am only scouting for feasibility, just wanting to know what is already out there, or not. When/if it will come to it, we will trial this heavily since the target implementation is for a clinic that mainly provides outreach community care. Meaning that the care providers will be most of the time disconnected from the OpenMRS backend.

We have a budget allocated to develop & enhance offline features so we will be officially commissioned to contribute to Bahmni offline.

More soon. Cheers. D

Hi Dimitri,

You can log in to our CI server via your Github login.

Will Outreach community care providers use Android tablets?

Yes, is that ok, would you recommend some specific one(s)?

Sorry, I submitted my answer before completing it.

You can check out latest build here -

Bahmni offline works well mostly for single provider per location . Will there be more than one care provider in each outreach community care?


Limiting each location to one provider would be ok, at least at first. I don’t see any major issue here for now. However if this appears to be an issue, we could work on it.

So I can login to your CI with my GitHub ID, but I get an error 401 (Unauthorized) on the last link that you provided.

Can you please log into our CI and open “Bahmni_Offline_v0_86” pipeline’s “Build” stage. It will have .apk as an artifact.

Besides the “offline app” mentioned above, Bahmni Team is also in process of finializing next steps for beginning work on “Satellite Bahmni”. Would like to hear you opinion on that. To know more please read this conversation: Mobile Medical Unit / Satellite Clinic discussion

Thanks @gsluthra for reminding me of that other thread. I had seen it and it is very interesting (rather for yet another project that is our pipeline), however for the current project Bahmni offline is what we need.

Hi guys, Sorry if this is obvious to everyone, but here we’re talking about a Chrome app rather than an Android app, right? In other words, it runs on Chrome rather than natively on Android.

@vinkesh, I don’t see a pipeline named “Bahmni_Offline_v0_86”. I see:

  • yum_poller_test
  • Deploy_46
  • Implementer_Interface
  • Deploy_AWS
  • Bahmni_Transifex

Hi @jblaya,

I understood that we were talking about a native Android app since there are mentions of an APK built artifact.

Can this be confirmed?

I believe it’s a native android app that’s a wrapper around an HTML+JS UI.

That sounds perfect. I guess it was done that way to ensure that one code base (HTML+JS) would impact several delivery routes (Android app, Chrome extension… etc).

Why is the APK not pushed on Google Play though?

Its not really released for Public consumption yet. There were some hardcoding in the offline app for Bangladesh. We are in process of generalising it so it can be consumed by more organizations. Should happen soon. And then we will make it available in Play store or a simple download link.

Also refactoring some parts of the application to make it easier to release updates to the app, independent of Bahmni UI / product.

/cc: @vinkesh @shruthipitta @rahulde

Hi, Can someone update this thread with latest update/roadmap on Bahmni offline/connect? This comes up as one of the results when searching on google about Bahmni offline and it’s status.
@pradiptakundu @angshuonline @vmalini @gsluthra

0.93 will have Bahmni Connect as it is - but with upgraded android SDK.

There are some enhancements done for sync time improvements and also to download data for address hierarchy (guided by UI) by a project team. Likely they are going to figure in a subsequent minor release of 0.93. If you want early access then you can reach out to @vmalini and @krishnachaitanya

Apart from that, we do not have anything signficant planned for Bahmni-Connect. Unless a project team wants to get something started :slight_smile: … in which case, we are happy to help