Mobile Medical Unit / Satellite Clinic discussion

Proposal: Build a solution for Mobile Medical Units and Satellite Clinics, based on one parent server, and multiple child servers, with one-way sync of metadata from parent to children, and two-way sync of data, based on FHIR.


  • Bahmni Offline targets the “single offline device” use case, but it doesn’t address the needs of a remote clinic with separate devices for registration, consultation, dispensing, etc.
  • The code we use to integrate Bahmni with the SHR in Bangladesh is a good starting point here
  • (To do: share the original concept note for this, currently a google doc)

We discussed this on our 28-Sep-2016 Bahmni Product Architecture Team call. Outcome: This is important, and we want it on the product roadmap soon. We will start investigating this, including looping in UX to think about flows. We’ll start looking to reserve dev capacity for this.


  • Everyone agrees this is a very important use case
  • There are some specific TW-supported implementations who would like to pilot this.
  • This will cover a lot of the broad “Synchronization” use case in OpenMRS, e.g. the sort of thing that IMB/PIH Rwanda does with the Sync module
  • This will also solve the “limited sync” use case (e.g. point 1 mentioned on this thread)

Here is a high level concept note written by @angshuonline on Hub-and-Spoke model for Bahmni (which will allow Bahmni to have satellite versions which communicate to a master Bahmni, and can sync once online).

Feedback / thoughts are welcome.

We have started analysis of Mobile Medical Unit feature. Our findings are captured in this research document.

Note that this is a work in progress document and subject to change.

Feedback and thoughts on this are welcome.

@gsluthra @angshuonline The analysis doc looks pretty good and detailed. When is this getting scheduled on product roadmap?

No immediate plans as of now.