Bahmni Lite DEMO and Q&A session on 27-June 6:30pm IST

Hello All,

We have organised a demo and Q&A session over zoom on the newly released version of Bahmni Lite v1.0 (for clinics/small hospitals), on Tuesday 27-June 630pm IST (Click here for other timezone). If you or your team members are existing users of Bahmni, and want to know what this new release contains, and whether your facility can benefit from this release, then do consider attending. Big hospitals can also adopt Bahmni LITE with EMR/Reports, and slowly move over to using OpenELIS/Odoo at a later time, as an incremental adoption strategy.

The latest release of Bahmni is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over previous versions of Bahmni. It can run on any Operating System (not just CentOS), Dockerized, and runs on latest version of OpenMRS, huge number of security fixes/upgrades, CIEL dictionary, Mobile responsive for clinical usecases, lightweight Crater software for Billing/Invoices, AWS/Terraform/Kubernetes ready, Metabase Reporting, FHIR apis, Performance Test Results published, a new Lab Report upload module in React/Carbon and many enhancements/fixes. Going forward, all new development of UI in Bahmni is happening using React/Carbon/Microfrontend components – similar to OpenMRS v3.

We have already received a lot of positive feedback from new evaluators of Bahmni LITE, saying that this version meets a LOT of their checkboxes out of the box, and they were able to setup a demo on their machine in less than an hour!

Read how it compares to previous versions of Bahmni here:

If you can’t make it, but would like another session, please do drop a note, and we will organise another session accordingly, based on interest and common timezones.

To attend this session on 27-June, Tue 6:30pm IST:

  1. Add a meeting to your calendar by clicking here: Add to my calendar
  2. Zoom meeting link to directly join at the time: Join here

The release of Bahmni LITE was announced here last week:

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Thanks a lot to all those who attended the Bahmni Lite v1.0 Online Demo by @akhilmalhotra. Here are the links for those who couldn’t attend:

  1. Bahmni Lite YouTube Recording Video: Bahmni Lite v1.0 for Clinics and Small Hospitals: An Overview and Demo - YouTube
  2. Presentation Link for Bahmni Lite: Bahmni Lite V1.0 - Cloud Ready and Lightweight version for Clinics and Small hospitals (opensource).pdf - Google Drive

Both the above links are also added to the Bahmni Lite v1.0 Wiki page here:

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