Bahmni Lesotho Implementation

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(Teboho Koma) #1

**Application Name: Bahmni **Version Number: 0.89

**Question: Hi, we are the OpenMRS implementation team from Lesotho. We have recently begun customizing Bahmni in Lesotho to be implemented in our public facilities.

We already have a working DHIS2 instance in Lesotho and we are currently attempting to interface the Bahmni application with the national DHIS2 instance.

We are aware of two approaches for implementing the DHIS2-OpenMRS/Bahmni integration as shown in the below Urls.


  2. Another one that the Jembi team (by @k.joseph) is working on, that interfaces through the reporting module on OpenMRS OpenMRS-DHIS2 integration in 2017

  • We cannot find the bahmni DHIS2 integration module listed under the 1st option i.e.

The link does not work. Does anyone know where one can find this module.

  • Any further advice on which module would be best suited to work with Bahmni version 0.89 will be much appreciated.

Thank you, Bahmni/OpenMRS Implementation team Lesotho

(swathi varkala) #2

Please find the rpm at PossibleHealth Git Hub Repo.

(justine etaku) #3

@Swathivarkala How do I install the dhis-integration into my bahmni-vagrant.

Thank you

(swathi varkala) #4

@rdeolal, @pratibha, @angshuonline Can you people add in your experience of integrating DHIS with Bahmni.

(Ravinder Deolal) #5

@ejustine @mwelazek : Could you confirm if you are trying to implement integration for Aggregate data or Tracker data ?

Our team is building the integration between Bahmni V90 and DHIS 2.30 for Tracker data. If you need more info on this one here is the link

(Angshuman Sarkar) #6

@sudhamshk ^^^

@rdeolal You guys are working on the indicators, right? Possible has done work on the integration for aggregate data

attn: @laxman @sanjayap

(Teboho Koma) #7

Hi, in Lesotho we are interested in reporting aggregated data to the country’s national DHIS2 instance on a routine basis i.e. monthly for some data sets and weekly for some. It reports to defined data elements in DHIS2.


(Angshuman Sarkar) #8

So there is this work that we did for Bangladesh, although its specific to Bangladesh and FHIR as such. But much of the integration aspects with DHIS2 are absolutely generic. I would personally like to see the DHIS2-Integration part, taking in some of the generic aspects for data-aggregation, which I think we can just copy-paste with little effort!

(justine etaku) #9

Thank you @rdeolal,in this case, am looking at the aggregate data implementation.

(Sanjaya Poudel) #10

@rdeolal we have completed working on the integrated data reporting. Let us know if we can be part in either.

@anant @laxman @suruchi