Bahmni Lesotho Implementation

**Application Name: Bahmni **Version Number: 0.89

**Question: Hi, we are the OpenMRS implementation team from Lesotho. We have recently begun customizing Bahmni in Lesotho to be implemented in our public facilities.

We already have a working DHIS2 instance in Lesotho and we are currently attempting to interface the Bahmni application with the national DHIS2 instance.

We are aware of two approaches for implementing the DHIS2-OpenMRS/Bahmni integration as shown in the below Urls.


  2. Another one that the Jembi team (by @k.joseph) is working on, that interfaces through the reporting module on OpenMRS OpenMRS-DHIS2 integration in 2017

  • We cannot find the bahmni DHIS2 integration module listed under the 1st option i.e.

The link does not work. Does anyone know where one can find this module.

  • Any further advice on which module would be best suited to work with Bahmni version 0.89 will be much appreciated.

Thank you, Bahmni/OpenMRS Implementation team Lesotho

Please find the rpm at PossibleHealth Git Hub Repo.

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@Swathivarkala How do I install the dhis-integration into my bahmni-vagrant.

Thank you

@rdeolal, @pratibha, @angshuonline Can you people add in your experience of integrating DHIS with Bahmni.

@ejustine @mwelazek : Could you confirm if you are trying to implement integration for Aggregate data or Tracker data ?

Our team is building the integration between Bahmni V90 and DHIS 2.30 for Tracker data. If you need more info on this one here is the link

@sudhamshk ^^^

@rdeolal You guys are working on the indicators, right? Possible has done work on the integration for aggregate data

attn: @laxman @sanjayap

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Hi, in Lesotho we are interested in reporting aggregated data to the country’s national DHIS2 instance on a routine basis i.e. monthly for some data sets and weekly for some. It reports to defined data elements in DHIS2.


So there is this work that we did for Bangladesh, although its specific to Bangladesh and FHIR as such. But much of the integration aspects with DHIS2 are absolutely generic. I would personally like to see the DHIS2-Integration part, taking in some of the generic aspects for data-aggregation, which I think we can just copy-paste with little effort!

Thank you @rdeolal,in this case, am looking at the aggregate data implementation.

@rdeolal we have completed working on the integrated data reporting. Let us know if we can be part in either.

@anant @laxman @suruchi

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For making it easy for people to find Bahmni-DHIS2 integration option (built by Possible Health), here is the link: