bahmni-lab service not installed [CentOS 6.9/Digital Ocean]

Hi I just tried to install a new bahmni ver 0.89 on CentOS 6.9 in the Cloud.

I followed the installation guide from this

while installing, I have issue with OpenERP install(known issue), I followed the steps from here OpenERP not installing and continue installing

then I have issue with DCM4chee(known issue) , I followed the steps from here java issue while bahmni installation process and continue installing

after all the installation went completed without error but there is no bahmni-lab service installed.(also many others)

**to mention i did try both

bahmni install


bahmni -i local install

but problem still persisted (but both openmrs and openerp are still working)

Hi @zacrify, Can you check this Bahmni talk thread for the known issues with 0.89. I hope this will help you understand and fix the issue.