Bahmni implementation in the Gambia

We are in the Gambia for #Bahmni implementation (Clinics locations are Faraba and Jobot). We hope to leverage on the successes of our implementation in Nigeria so far for this assignment. @reverton

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All the best @jaghatise! Do let us know how it is going… and keep the questions coming!

Can you share any details of the type of hospitals/facilities/modules you are considering deploying in Gambia?

Will you be deploying V0.92?

In the coming days, details should emerge. We are planning a total of 9 facilities ( clinics and health posts). Clinical, Lab. Odoo and connect

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Hi @jaghatise - Hope all is well at your end?

I was curious to know how are the Bahmni/OpenMRS implementations proceeding in Gambia? Any achievements/learnings you would like to share, or questions/support?

Bahmni team is also organising a virtual training for implementers next week. Details here. Feel free to sign up people from your team if they wish to learn more about Bahmni. Cheers!

@gsluthra thanks for the invite to attend the training. We have a laboratory (Jobot Laboratory) using Bahmni actively (realtime) now in the Gambia. The elections prevented our expansion. I think we will be back to implementation by last week of January 2022.

I am aware that the Gambia MoH is making plans to implement Bahmni as a national platform. We are available for collaboration with whoever receives the award.

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@gsluthra Thank you for the invitation; I will plan to attend. Thank you for your support, and like Joseph indicated, the team is always interested in collaborating. The Gambia implementation is currently operational in a few locations, with plans to expand shortly. @ggomez

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Thanks a lot for the update @jaghatise and @ggomez. Great to know this!

We will be sending the training invite links today. Looking forward to meeting you virtually next week. : )