Bahmni-92 performance issue with MySql-5.7.30 version

We recently started upgrading from Bahmni-91 to Bahmni-92. We see there is a big performance impact on loading patient dashboards and queues.

Few display controls are taking more than a minute load and few other modules like few queues are taking nearly 20 times more time.

Find a few statistics here

Time to load a queue (TRM Patients)

  • Bahmni-92 - 37 Seconds
  • Bahmni-91 - 1.99 Seconds

Time to load another queue(Hospital RSP queue)

  • Bahmni-92 - 14 Seconds
  • Bahmni-91 - 4.8 Seconds

Patient summary dashboard loading times

  • Bahmni-92 - 60 Seconds ( 1 minutes)
  • Bahmni-91 - 9 Seconds

We did some analysis and found the issue is with the MySql Version 5.7.30

There are a lot of issues with the MySql Version 5.7.30, find below bugs reported in MySql with version 5.7.

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Did you try the latest version of MySQL?

We have released a new patch 155 for Bahmni 0.92 and in that, we have introduced a new variable in setup.yml to configure your desired mysql version. You can learn more in the release notes mentioned below

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Hi, Recently we have migrated our implementation from 0.90 to 0.92. Any body facing the mysql performance issue on the real time server. For the context current migration is the first of its kind for us. Lets aim to discuss in our Next PAT call around this or if any body has faced this issue around data migration, happy to hear the experience and hop in the call. Thank you in Advance.

Cc @suruchi