Bahmni-92 performance issue with MySql-5.7.30 version

We recently started upgrading from Bahmni-91 to Bahmni-92. We see there is a big performance impact on loading patient dashboards and queues.

Few display controls are taking more than a minute load and few other modules like few queues are taking nearly 20 times more time.

Find a few statistics here

Time to load a queue (TRM Patients)

  • Bahmni-92 - 37 Seconds
  • Bahmni-91 - 1.99 Seconds

Time to load another queue(Hospital RSP queue)

  • Bahmni-92 - 14 Seconds
  • Bahmni-91 - 4.8 Seconds

Patient summary dashboard loading times

  • Bahmni-92 - 60 Seconds ( 1 minutes)
  • Bahmni-91 - 9 Seconds

We did some analysis and found the issue is with the MySql Version 5.7.30

There are a lot of issues with the MySql Version 5.7.30, find below bugs reported in MySql with version 5.7.

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Did you try the latest version of MySQL?