OpenMRS-DHIS2 integration in 2017

Do you have an implementation of OpenMRS that is integrated with DHIS2? If so, what approach are you using?

Some examples I’ve heard about:

  • UgandaEMR is using a custom solution, where OpenMRS reporting enters indicators into an Excel spreadsheet and this can be imported by DHIS2.
  • Bahmni has some DHIS2 integration capability
  • @jamesm and @maurya, working with @bobj, have been working on advancing the DHIS2 Report module. I don’t know of anyone using this in production yet.
  • Jembi has several DHIS2-related projects, some of which involve OpenMRS. For example, @k.joseph has worked on a DHIS2 Connector module to integrate OpenMRS with DHIS2, though I don’t know of current status of these efforts.

Are there other examples of automated or semi-automated integrations of OpenMRS with DHIS2? Have I gotten something wrong above or are there updates on those efforts?

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FGH’s approach is similar to UgandaEMR as well.

Hi Burke

I think your summary below is fairly accurate of the current state of play. There may also be some surviving implementations in India. And James k has done something in Kenya with the dhis2 report module.

Otherwise I am afraid I am a little out of touch.

I hope someone will work on ADX reporting.

Regards Bob

what Jembi has spiked is summarised at:

Thanks, @k.joseph. Do you know if any implementations are actively using this in production for automated or semi-automated integration with DHIS2?

eSaude in Mozambique,

here is the latest update:


Thank you for raising the concern.

I am also trying to work for integrating dhis2 with bahmni/openmrs.I find three projects already(listed below) for dhis2 integration. Can anyone working on different projects let know which one is more complete and recommended? Can anyone share any other road map/work plans further ?

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@pascal or @k.joseph,

Do you know if either eSaude or Jembi has developed tooling to export data from OpenMRS into DHIS2 Patient Tracker?

/cc @jthomas

I pretty sure that eSaude has not, but I’m not sure about Jembi.

Thanks @pascal. I thought I remembered hearing if someone doing this. We’ll see if @k.joseph knows of a project exporting to DHIS2 Patient Tracker.

@ssmusoke, is Uganda EMR exporting to DHIS2 or to Patient Tracker?

@burke we are exporting aggregate data to DHIS2

Hi Bruke,

We have done Bahmni DHIS2 integration for patient tracker. It works as a plugin on top of Bahmni mart. Here is the wiki link -

Hi @rdeolal,

The wiki link seems to be broken. Could you please share the updated link?

Thanks in advance.