Attachments page, file upload widget missing

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I cant seem to be able to add any attachments to the patient both on the demo and qa server…When I click the attachment link; I am redirected to the attachment page but I dont have any way to proceed. Any help rendered goes a longway. @mksd @ssmusoke @ruhanga @dkayiwa @mozzy

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Interesting and thanks. But wouldn’t it offer a better user experience if a prompt or message is given when one tries using it without specifying the visit to attach to?

Sure, would you be able to work on this? In any case, could you create an ATT ticket for this?

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Let me look into it. issue is here @mksd


@mksd I seem to be encountering an error alert when I try to use my pc camera Webcam.js Error: Adobe Flash Player not found. Please install from and try again. However I believe I have flash enabled

Am using chrome…Any pointers?

Thanks @reagan for sharing your findings.

I think all this needs to be upgraded… Not sure whether the embedded version of WebcamJS still does the job. Something better might have to be put in place.

For the record some of the logic around Flash vs no Flash is here:

var forceFlash = $ && $window.location.protocol != "https:";
forceFlash = !($ && $window.location.hostname === "localhost");

That’s just for info.



I found this article helpful (the new version automatically handles fallback to flashPlayer when need arises) @mksd

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Great stuff @reagan, I created the ticket and merged your fix.

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