GSOC 2019 : Attachments Module Enhancements

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Hi @ivange94 i finished the tutorial from you and now i was trying to setup my enviroment for this module, cloned the project but i don’t know how to run. Can you help my with that ? I want to do that to explore a little the project and how it is structured and the controllers etc.Both client and server.

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Build an run the module like every other openmrs module.

Clone using git clone

and build using cd openmrs-module-attachments && mvn clean install

This will generate a .omod file located in openmrs-module-attachments/omod/target to upload the omod see

Thanks. One more thing. I runned the reference app 2.9 with and uploaded omod file like in your instructions but at attachment section on patient page I can only upload notes, and there isn t any documents section. What I’m doing wrong?

The note is there anyway so the module doesn’t work or i should first upload something? But there is not button or anything. Here is a link to a screenshot of what is see when i press on attachments link

@andu033 let me give this a try and get back to you.

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@ivange94 i think i figured out. I should start a visit first and then the attachment upload button will be there. Thanks.:slight_smile:

@ivange94 I have some questions. How i install the react in this module? What is the dependency manager for that ? (yarn, npm). And how i should build after that?

Have you looked at the owa generator?

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You will not be installing react in the existing module. You will be creating an OWA that is based on react. See

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I,m looking at it right now. I will try to make some experiments and see how it is doing and will come back if need help. Thanks.

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Hi @ivange94 and @mksd . I’m the gsoc student for this project. I already started to study for the project and tried to deploy a owa (I did it with help from @ivange94). When can we talk on irc with one of you. I want to explore a little more and I want to do a list o questions and topics to discuss about the project. One hour and a half will be enough I think. I wait for your response. Thank you. Best regards.

@andu033 I have a doctors appointment today but I should be able to squeeze 1-2 hours for you today. You can find me from now till the next 3 hours on IRC after which I’ll be leaving for the hospital.

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I was sleeping at that hour. Don’t hurry. Anytime this week when you can tell me. I want to know what apis I need, how to install them and how to solve some problems that stop me from testing my owa. I get an error when I try to redeploy. I want to know all of these because I want to work a lot in this weekend. Mostly experimenting with the apis and react to figure out how things work.

@andu033 and @ivange94, I just created that Doodle in the hope that we can find 30 min this week. Thanks for setting your availabilities.

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Where is the doodle link?

@ivange94, @mksd I have a weird bug and maybe you know how to solve it. I tried to use to open a new tab with the pdf of a thumbnail . I saw that the previous implementation create a blob then a URL object and then use I did the same thing but when the tab is opened it is closed in no time. I tried to use on a site and it is working, also tried to console log ca link for the bulb and acces that directly and it is working. I didn’t find any good solution on the internet. Maybe it s a problem with my browser. Any ideas to try? Thank you :slight_smile:

Update: I tried to upload a pdf and a doc on openmrs web demo from windows and chrome as browser (i used firefox for my app) and i get the same problem.

Hi @andu033, I just uploaded one here on QA Ref App:

Can you try it out and let me know?

I have no issue with viewing it in Chrome:

Google Chrome 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 9a9aa15057b6b2cc0909bdcf638c0b65ecd516f2-refs/branch-heads/3770@{#948}

Firefox linux - it is working, Chrome windows- doesn’t work

So. The ad block was the problem :slight_smile: