Atomfeed to get data out of OpenMRS

Hi, need for a quick help, Am looking for a way to export data from openmrs/emr using Atomfeed but this data has to be in HL7 v2 messages format. Regards,

CC: @angshuonline @gsluthra @mseaton

@abertnamanya to clarify, you have a Bahmni implementation from which you want to expose patient registrations and observation data in HL7 v2 format?

Is this a one time export or are you wanting to get these data in real time as the events occur? Or both?

This sounds similar to:

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Yeah sure, the data will be exchanged in real-time.

You would have to transform that. By default Bahmni’s atomfeed producers only raise the event with an URL to the resource (we followed EDA event notifications pattern). I am assuming you mean HL7 v2 msgs? note, there are many different HL7 message types - ADT, ORU, ORM, RDE etc … so you will have to either generate such way or use a consumer to transform as you need