exchange Bahmni healthcare information with Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform that supports HL7 v2.5

Hi there, I want to collect patient registration and clinical information within Bahmni EMR system. Forwards this information to a Health Information Exchange platform via HL7 message format

it seems that Bahmni supports Hl7 ! as I have connected to Bahmni openmrs database using MySql workbench and found in the Schema some tables related to HL7, also found in the openmrs Administration page a section also related to HL7 messages but i don’t know how to configure it.

I am new with Bahmni so any resources that might help, please ?!

One option could be to get this information from Bahmni Atom feed. See this discussion: Introducing Bahmni HL7 LIS Integration

You can also consider using the FHIR Module of OpenMRS. Add that to Bahmni. GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-fhir2: This is a module implementing a FHIR interface for OpenMRS

Some places in code where you can see HL7 being used as a reference are:

  1. feed-integration-test: A repo that shows how to integrate with Bahmni Atom Feed: bahmni-feed-integration-example/feed-integration-webapp/src/test/java/org/bahmni/module/feedintegration/integrationtest at main · Bahmni/bahmni-feed-integration-example · GitHub

  2. Underlying OpenMRS Core also supports HL7. See this documentation and this test code.

It appears #jembi has written a sample OpenHIM mediator, to pull patient information from OpenMRS/Bahmni and write out via FHIR to OpenHIM… which can then be written out to any connected system. This could be helpful to you too.

See documentation and sample code.

Apologies for multiple responses… but seems I have gone down a rabbit hole. : )

Thank you @gsluthra , I choosed the second option

I have downloaded the fhir2-1.3.0.omod file and added it to openmrs using the administration page, I tried to call, I get back a response with “Resource does not exist.

Please let me know if I’m missing some configuration

Hi @hassan180 I think the error came from the wrong url to metadata Fhir Resource try out this one Any further information please follow this link OpenMRS HL7 FHIR Solutions - Projects - OpenMRS Wiki

Thank you @abertnamanya Although that i have already tested it with the R4 version, but it was a typo to send it , so sorry , after some help on slack i have restarted the openmrs service using this command sudo service openmrs stop then start , then refreshed the page with the correct url as you sent, and i have got a file called metadata and the same happens when i remove metadata with patient in URL the file containing all the patients in openmrs , but i don’t need an xml file so is it possible to get the data as a JSON format using Postman ? cause i have already tried and it says it cant sent the request

Did you try loading any of those URLs in Postman? Because you would’ve gotten the JSON documents you’re looking for.

When you go to a URL in your browser, we use content negotiation (as covered by the FHIR spec) to work out what format to respond with. Basically, this just means that we look at the “Accept” header of the request. If you browse to a FHIR endpoint in your browser, your browser probably sends it’s default Accept header which looks something like this (taken from Chrome):

Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/avif,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8,application/signed-exchange;v=b3;q=0.9

This lists the various MIME-types of documents your browser is willing to process. If you notice, the first group there says the browser can handle application/xml, so you end up getting an XML response. By default (i.e., with no Accept header) the response will be JSON.

Inside the browser, you can append ?_format=json to the end of the URL to get back the JSON representation.


Wow, thank you @ibacher it’s you who I meant here, and sorry for the late thanks on slack,

and now it works, BIG THANKS