Atomfeed module and PushModel comparison seeking Input from Community

We are looking for the integration between odoo and openmrs.The team albasr suggested the push model instead of pull model(Atom feed module).We tried out the atom feed module for integration as Bahmni team did.The things we want to eliminate the failed request between two system,so that’s why we are looking toward the push model.There are few reasons more. The push model will work in the following way.This is one use case in my mind for the integration purpose.

  • Post patient request will be generate from Client side Application.
  • Patient creation will be done through Rest Api.
  • On success the pull model(Intermediate Interface) will send post request to odoo.
  • The Response will be get using provided XmlRPC Service.
  • The Response will be shown to Client side Application if needed.

We need community Inputs about push model.One question is our mind is that why Bahmni don’t adopt the pull model instead of push model.

The main thing is we required the advice and inputs from the community about the possibility of push model. Thanks Please @dkayiwa and @angshuonline provide some feedback on this.


Albasr Team

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