How to integrate openmrs with odoo.

We have developed the client application (using openmrs as backend) now our requirement is to integerate odoo Inventory module with our client side application.My question is that how Bahmni acheived.What are the possible way of doing this integeration.I am begginer level please provide some path for doing this.

Thanks in advance:

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You may start from Bahmni developers’ guide. Bahmni provides a RESTful API for server-client interaction.

Thanks will they also provide rest api for the OpenERP?

Hi @naveed1228, Bahmni uses atom feeds for synchronization of data between applications (e.g. OpenMRS <-> OpenERP). A few resources to help understand how this is managed:

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Thanks for providing great resources.I am also looking for Restful API for Server-Client Interaction.Does they also provides the Restful API?

Yes but this is an Odoo question and you should follow up on their developers forums about that. Odoo REST API has nothing to do with OpenMRS.

@mksd thanks for the comment.I am looking for the possible ways of integerating openmrs with openERP, as Bahmni did.

Why not just use bahmni instead of reinventing what they already did? It is not only cheaper to use the existing bahmni, but also more sustainable to use a product that is already widely used and supported by a broad community.


Thanks we are going with the same approach as @dkayiwa describe .Does Bahmni customize the openERP module according to their needs or they are just using it as it is.Kindly can some one confirm with details.

It is customised and still running an older version. The latter point is currently being addressed by the Bahmni Coalition.

@ajeenckya would you mind shedding light or pointing to resources that describe how specific and/or customized Bahmni’s Odoo is?

@dkayiwa today I am able to answer why we are not choosing the AtomFeedModule.The AtomFeedModule Bahmni uses is pull based model.We tried to used the model but we faced alots of issues of synchronization between odoo and openmrs.The main issue we faced is that deployment of atomfeed module to tomcat.

We are looking for any alternative like push model to integrate between openmrs and odoo.Do you have any other alternative that we can used to acheive the integration between openmrs and odoo.

What exact problem did you get while deploying the atomfeed module on tomcat?

@dkayiwa we are not quite.Is it possible or not because we don’t have too much expertise in deployment.We are moving toward this approach will you please provide your input on this.

We are reproducing the error and I will share the log here it soon as well. thanks