Atomfeed 1.0.12 OMOD file needed

Please, can someone help me with the the OMOD file of Atomfeed module 1.0.12 I have tried for days to compile the source code with maven but keep getting errors. I have compiled several source code on github for openmrs without problems using maven. I am now frustrated and just need the OMOD. As this module is a prerequisite to installing the sync 2.0 module, I am honestly stuck.

Thanks in advance.

You can download it from here: :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. Really appreciated.

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On installation, i get this error: Error starting Module - Atomfeed moduleclose

Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Atomfeed module

please. help

My OpenMRS Version is 2.2.0 Build ab94ff Reference Application

Are you aware of our addons manager?

Thank you. Just did. I am still getting the same error “Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: Atomfeed module.”

Any tip? Thanks in advance

You will need to share the server side detailed log at

Which version of MySQL are you running?

Please, how do I check that?

|10.3.16-MariaDB| is what was returned when I ran ``` SELECT VERSION();


Downgrade to MySQL version 5.7

Thanks. Will google how to downgrade and sort it out. Will let you know the outcome. Cheers

Using MySQL 5.7 still getting same errors. Thanks. I need further help

Is this a new log? Or does it have details of even previous runs?

This is the new log after I downgraded to MySQL 5.7.27.

Drop your database, and delete the runtime properties file. Then do a fresh installation of the OpenMRS Reference Application version 2.9.0

After which, install the atomfeed module.

Ok. Though that was a new openmrs installation though. New database and the previous runtime properties file was deleted with the application data directory. The only file I kept was the WAR file under Webapp directory of tomcat. Everything else was deleted. Will give it another go. Thanks

No joy. I guess the sync module is not for me. It would have been perfect for my clinic setup. Will have to backup manually through sql dump files weekly or so. Thanks for your help so far.