Atlas 3.0 Project

hi @r0bby
I have addressed your comments on GitHub, and to test the code

clone the repo : git clone npm install

set the keys here (try with a known token and a real time object --if needed)

npm test

I have published the package to npm : Link

Thanks for the support @r0bby @janflowers @pascal :slight_smile:

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Nice work @shekhar!

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Hello @janflowers, @pascal

I have submitted my final report to google and completed the final evaluation process. I am working on RSS feed and pings from the module now. I will try to complete it soonish.

I will keep contributing to this project and release it ASAP. This summer was the most productive for me. Learnt some cool technologies. Thanks for your guidance and I welcome any suggestions regarding the project.

Special thanks to @r0bby :slight_smile:

Regards Shekhar


Great blog post and great work @shekhar! Thanks for all your contributions and I hope you’ll continue to be part of the OpenMRS community :grinning:.


@shekhar exciting work! :smile: I look forward to seeing more of your awesomeness as we work towards making a better world!


@pascal @dkayiwa Thanks for reviewing the blog and for compliments I will definitely keep contributing to this organisation. :heart:

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Great work!

We seem to have had a great group of students this year. Not displeased!


Hello @darius

What needs to be done for the 3.0 release?

  1. Accept the pings from the module.
  2. RSS feeds.
  3. Admin Interface.
  4. Capture and download the screenshot.

I apologise for the delay in replying to this thread. Since I am in my final year of graduation and my sem exams are about to commence in a couple of weeks, I cannot put my complete efforts to get it to the release right now but I will be free by Dec 1.

@shekhar, is the remaining work described in tickets?

We’re not asking you to do it all. We’re open-source and this is a priority for the community, so help us help you! :slight_smile:

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Yes, Now they are : Link :slight_smile:

Hi all! Can someone help me find a way to export the Atlas sites as a list? I’d like the site names, location, and contact info if possible!


The current atlas has quite a few rough corners. I do have both some deployments and security complaints about it.

Is there any real plan of finishing the work and deploying version 3? Or do we prefer to have someone to fix version 2?


Hi all ! I am new to this community and want to implement the proposed functionalities in Atlas 3.1.Please guide from where to start?

@cintiadr I would like to resolve bugs and security issues on atlas 3.0 project.Please check , I have opened some issues here.


A few weeks ago I was mentioned in this page:

Reality is that I don’t really know version 3.0 well. We do have version 2.1 in prd (PHP code), and that’s the one I have trouble with :smiley: I don’t think we even have known security issues in atlas 3.0, as I suppose it’s not even production ready yet!

The thing is that I do not have any knowledge of that’s been already done in atlas 3.0,

Okay @cintiadr, can we have a discussion on design related issues and idea implementation @burke @pascal @cintiadr @shekhar?

@agbilotia1998 did you take a look at this? Propose a Design Forum Topic

Thanks @dkayiwa, I will propose the discussion topic there :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Atlas 2.0 does not work anymore. The map is visible, but not editable.

  1. Is Atlas still relevant? Should we upgrade the WHO Digital Health Atlas instead?
  2. If we want OpenMRS Atlas, what’s the plan to move to Atlas 3.0?
  3. Is this a reasonable project for GSoC? If so, who could mentor?

@cintiadr offered this useful information:

Atlas 2.0 was in PHP; Atlas 3.0 was rewritten in node. I attempted to get a student to finish the node version last GSoC , but it wasn’t selected.

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I was planning on proposing Atlas 3.0 revival for GSoC 2019 to get the new node-based version refactored to work with LDAP and deployed.