Article about OpenMRS’ Usage of Jira


SolDevelo Foundation is planning to write an article about OpenMRS’ usage of Jira. Therefore, we would like to ask the OpenMRS community a few questions.

  • How is OpenMRS making a use of Jira?

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it?

  • Are there any problems when it comes to managing it?

  • What other Atlassian tools is OpenMRS using and how?

  • Do you have tips to share with the wider community?

  • Is Atlassian the best tool on the market?

We know that OpenMRS has thousands of members. How many of them actually use Jira, Bamboo and Crowd so it still works? That’s something that we can explain to ourselves. We’ve heard that only 20 thousand users can be logged, while you have several times more members of the community. How do you do that?

Thanks for your help!

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Thanks @annakwasny for summarizing it.

@jwnasambu @christine @grace could you help us with those questions? If you know anybody who has experience in managing Atlassian’s tools and has a will to answer a few questions, let me know!

cc: @jennifer

Thanks for tagging me, to be honest am interacting with Atlassian tool on a daily basis and am blessed to work with these 3 seniors gurus @cintiadr, @dkayiwa and @permissionerror that I believe are in better position answering the above questions.


@annakwasny Thanks for asking such great questions about how our community uses Jira. I think it’s important to look at how our community is organized and consider what kind of work on OpenMRS code is happening where. When you talk about having thousands of community members, it’s helpful to recognize that there are smaller groups of community members using Jira within the OpenMRS community setting. So while we may have close to 3.5kk community members who are considered “active” OpenMRS Jira users, the number of people actively using Jira on a daily basis in our squads & teams is really much smaller.

For instance, we have several active community squads and teams who work on shared community assets that benefit multiple OpenMRS implementations. These squads & teams determine how they use Jira to coordinate work and build things together based on their PM practices. @grace has also done a lot of work on our Jira improvement plan that came out of discussions around how we curate Jira issues and we now have a way to periodically go through our graveyard. You might want to consider sitting in on a few squad or team calls to get a sense of how Jira’s used. @grace can give you more insight into this and perhaps recommend some good squad or team meetings to observe.

There are also OpenMRS implementations worldwide who may use Jira to manage work on their own distributions. They usually set up Jira on their own infrastructure, so it falls outside of our community infrastructure.


Completely agreed with Jen’s comments above.

FWIW @annakwasny - I recommend that you look through our recent Jira-related posts as a way to get started. Let us know what remaining questions you have after you’ve had a look through these: Topics tagged jira

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I will look through it, thank you!

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Thank you for your explanation and suggestions!