Are there any updates or active work on integrating OpenMRS with OpenEMPI?

Hi Everyone,

The team at SolDevelo is partnering with us to integrate OpenMRS with OpenHIE. I see the work done on the Registration App during the 2015 GSoC which was merged in OpenMRS Reference Application 2.4. Have there been any updates on integrating with OpenEMPI since then? Is anyone actively working on this integration?

Thank you, Craig

For the GSOC project, are you referring to this?

Just in case

Thanks @dkayiwa. That’s the GSOC project I was referring to. The documentation on the site is very well done. Was the project completed?

Just incase you find this useful: OpenEMPI and OpenMRS 2.3?

@craigappl, I was the mentor on this GSoC project. If I remember correctly:

  • the code we merged works (in theory), and can fetch patients from the MPI, and update them there
  • it was never properly tested, because we could never get OpenEMPI working right in a test setup
  • I don’t know of anyone who has ever used it in production

I have only limited secondhand experience with OpenEMPI, and no experience with other MPIs, but my experience with OpenEMPI has been negative. If you have a choice between different MPI tools, the fact that some work was done on OpenMRS-OpenEMPI integration should not be what drives your decision. (This code is built to be able to swap out OpenEMPI with a different MPI back-end.)

Thanks @darius

We’re following the precedent set by OpenHIE who suggests using OpenEMPI or MedicCR as a reference implementation. When we evaluated the two, we chose OpenEMPI over MedicCR because of the windows server dependency. I did a number of searches on master person index technologies and couldn’t find anything without a proprietary license.

The SolDevelo team is moving ahead on the OpenEMPI path to see what we can accomplish. We’ll definitely keep the community updated as we progress.