OpenEMPI and OpenMRS 2.3?

Hi all,

@approce did some great work this summer around letting the OpenMRS 2.x registration app integrate with OpenEMPI (e.g. you can look up and download patients from the MPI, and when you make local updates, these are pushed up to the MPI).

We haven’t had a chance to test this as much as we’d like, and the OpenMRS 2.3 release is imminent. So, I ask this question:

Is there someone out there who actively wants to see this feature merged in quickly, so that you may try to integrate your OpenMRS reference application install with OpenEMPI in the next 6 months?

(If someone says yes, we’ll go ahead and merge the code quickly; if nobody actively would plan to use this in the next 6 months, we’ll wait until just after the OpenMRS 2.3 release to merge this code, so we have more time to test it for OpenMRS 2.4.)

Which version of OpenEMPI is being used?

Where can we review the code, queries, etc?


I don’t recall which version of OpenEMPI it was. Hopefully @approce can comment on that.

You can see some documentation here:

I’m closing this conversation thread, since the specific question I was asking never got answered, and thus we didn’t merge the code until after the Reference Application 2.3 release. It will be in the refapp 2.4 release though.