Appointments and Scheduling

Hi, My name is Mayte, Im from Honduras and I work in a Military Hospital about a year ago we started a project that consist on implementation of BAHMNI for EMR, and we started to analyze the system and how it works, and reading the user guide of it we saw that theres a module for appointments which I have to say isnt done on our actal version of the system, so we started searching for information and we found these OpenMRS Talk that you have it says that the module will be on the 0.90 version. Is there a posibility to have MORE screenshots or MORE information of how that module works?

You should download the OpenMRS standalone version ( )and install it into your system.
1.) Unzip the downloaded file

2.) View the README.txt file to install and run the program.

3.) Click on the | Appointments | menu to execute the module.

Screen Short: Appointment Types

Screen Short: Provider Scheduling

Screen Short: Manage Appointments

Screen Short: Appointments Statistics

Good luck Ott Sathngam

Check this post. Appointment Scheduling is part of the 0.90 release as you pointed out and you can test it on the demo links provided on the post(…though they may be down sometimes as they were provided just for testing) or you can follow the instructions and do a local installation.

@maytrportillo You could try out appointment scheduling in one of our QA environments.

You can find more information about it here.