Help us test the Bahmni 0.90 second Release Candidate

Hi Everyone,

Here is our second Release candidate (RC) for Bahmni 0.90 version. The following links are available for UAT:


Please follow the steps to download and install this release candidate:

  1. Install epel-release. This is needed as a prerequisite to install bahmni installer.

sudo yum install

  1. Download and install latest bahmni installer

sudo yum install

  1. create setup.yml configuration file

curl -L >> /etc/bahmni-installer/setup.yml

  1. Point the bahmni_base_url to amazon s3. You need to add line below in setup.yml for this


  1. Modify the inventory file if needed and run the installer:

bahmni -i local install

Log Bugs in Jira:

Here is the link to all the Jira Issues that were part of this release. This link is for a read-only doc, and done just for update purpose which we will update/post every day morning IST. However, all collaboration will be done only on JIRA.

As a part of testing these cards, if you encounter any bugs, please leave a comment on the card. If you find issues not particularly related to any of the Jira issues, please feel free to create a new Jira Issue and tag it to version 0.90.

  • Step 1: Sign up on the card on JIRA in the field “UAT Assignee”
  • Step 2: Test on the environments listed above. Try to duplicate in multiple environments if possible.
  • Step 3: Accept or Reject the card. Push back to “Ready For Dev” lane in case of rejection etc. In case of acceptance, move to “Done” column. Leave appropriate comments on the card
  • Step 4: Register new issues on JIRA with details and tag to release 90, and put in “ready for dev” lane.Communicate issues in OpenMRS channels (software => Bahmni) against this thread . Bring the issue to attention of relevant people (listed below) by inviting or marking them on the thread.

If you are on slack, please post on community channel. Bring to attention of relevant people (listed below)

As a registered Bahmni Atlassian user , you should be able to view, comment on and create issues. In case of any issues accessing Jira, please contact @sruti, @angshuonline , @shruthipitta , @binduak or @mksd

We meet up everyday online at 2:30 pm IST on zoom for a quick standup for the release. Please feel free to join the standup. Here is the link to the stand up bridge:

We will be probably taking multiple builds on the QA environments in a day. So, bear with us, if you suddenly find an environment non functioning. We will do the communication on SLACK Bahmni community channel. If you aren’t on Bahmni SLACK already and want to get in, please ping the following persons to invite you on slack (@sruti, @angshuonline , @shruthipitta , @binduak or @mksd)

We need your help on exploratory testing.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Forms using ConceptSetUI - (including form conditions) - Create new forms , Configure New form
  • Form Builder and subsequent forms in Clinical/Observation tab, Registration Second Page, Bahmni Connect.
  • Audit Logs
  • Internationalization
  • CSV upload with internationalized content
  • Document Uploads (including video)
  • User access and privileges
  • Synchronization of data between systems like OpenMRS, ERP, ELIS, Dcm4Che etc
  • Installation & upgrades
  • backup and restore
  • Bahmni Connect - PWA and Android [We will also go over all the cards for 0.90 and recheck the areas for exploratory testing]

We will be doing a final release by end of tomorrow.


This would be helpful:

I installed Bahmni 0.90 release following the instructions provided But after installation when I visited the “Consultation” and some other pages it throwing result[0] is an undefined error.

We can solve this issue by rebuilding search index from OpenMRS-> Administration ->Maintenance ->search index. Thanks @shruthipitta for helping to solve this issue.


Hello @shruthipitta have tried to do test of connect application on my side and its failing to sync

@ejustine What is the error that you are get? Also can you check if the global property bahmniOfflineSync.strategy is set s per your requirement. Here is the wiki which has all the steps for connect set up:

I did this test in connection with: Went to the connect app, thus leading me to the image below on sync

Hello @shruthipitta , am inquiry when we will be expecting the final release

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Sharing the information I was given today: there was a showstopper bug found by one implementation during UAT, as well as some smaller bugs to do with different versions of python.

These are mostly fixed now, and the final release should happen within a couple of days.


@darius Thank you for the release update

Should this be ‘302.noarch.rpm’? As 284 consistently gives error while installing and I noticed that the Known Issue for 0.90 release note mentions bahmni-installer-0.90-302.noarch

So should we use - sudo yum install

And also need to update Known Issue for 0.90 release note accordingly.

When I use 302 I get image

Hi @nawazshaikh,

Did you see any error with bahmni-installer rpm installation ? Are you trying this on fresh centos box and what is the centos box version ??

This was on AWS but later we resolved it as mentioned here

We will also try the same on fresh local centos box.