[Announcement] Virtual Training on Running Bahmni using Docker

Hello Community,

As we all already know, most of the components of Bahmni have been dockerized. The Thoughtworks Bahmni Team is organizing a Virtual Zoom training on Running Bahmni using Docker and Running Bahmni Lite using Docker. This training will be helpful for anyone who wants to get started with Bahmni on docker or wants to get more insights on docker setup/configurations.

Tentatively, the training is scheduled for two hours a day for three days from February 15th to February 17th 2023, in the evening India time (post 3pm IST). A detailed agenda will be sent out soon.

Please express your interest for this training by signing up in this form and we will email you with exact date/timings based on signups.

In the meantime, please take a look at this Wiki page on Getting started with Bahmni on docker and give a shot on bringing up Bahmni on your machine!!

Training Sign-up form: https://forms.gle/i8NZJJRSmrBc34om9


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Hello Community, We will be closing the form responses by today 4.00 PM IST. Please do signup if you have missed it. The training invites will be sent out by today EOD.


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Hello, Thanks a lot for the overwhelming response! We have closed the training sign-up form now. All those who signed up should have received a training calendar invite with Zoom link details. We look forward to meeting you on Wednesday!

You can check your timezone here.


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Thanks to all those who attended the Virtual Training on Running Bahmni with docker. We had about 25-30 attendees and had a good mix of demos,presentations & QA spread over about 6 hours.

All the training videos are now available publicly on Bahmni Community Youtube Channel: Bahmni on Docker.

Thanks a lot!! :slight_smile: See you all soon in the next training.

PS: If you are interested in Bahmni India Distro with ABDM integration, please visit [Announcement] Virtual training on Bahmni & ABDM integration and signup for the training.