Android Client GitHub repo describes goals for V2.9+, I have a doubt, please help.

In the file of GitHub repository of OpenMRS Android Client, the goals for V2.9+ are written in objectives section. My question is that are those goals open for GSoC 2021 or community members are already working on those goals because I’m really interested to present those goals as a project for GSoC2021. I think that will make a good project. @rishabh997 can you share your views on this.

It looks like V2.9 was released in Oct 2020:

So there are 3 options I see to inform the V2.10 goals:

  1. You could compare the README V2.9+ goals to the release notes to see if there are any gaps/work that didn’t get finished.
  2. You could identify gaps based on your own insights.
  3. You could find out what implementers/organizations are actively using the Android Client, to find out what their use cases/pain points/problems are, and then use the highest-priority pain-points to drive what needs to be done. This is the approach I strongly recommend.

Right now I am not clear on what sites are using the Android Client. @rishabh997 were there sites using OpenMRS’ Android Client who you reached out to for GSOC to inform the priorities?

I could be totally out of the loop, it’s entirely possible that there are sites actively trying to use the Android client who want to see it improved so that their EMR experience is better. I just haven’t heard requests for this in the last 6 months.


Actually right now, android client isn’t being used at any site as per this comment: Customizing/Wrapping of Android Client - #6 by dkayiwa @eg0r1nd, you can see the features which were left out in 2.9 and try to add it in 3.0… There are mostly migration tasks


Yeah, that’s great @grace, i’ll follow these 3 steps you shared and compare what changes didn’t took place and try to make a project out of it.

Migration tasks like java to kotlin, library migrations?

Thank you for the update @rishabh997, much appreciated.

Given this update - @eg0r1nd - you are of course welcome to work on any projects that interest you (it’s open source after all :slight_smile: ) however, is there a particular reason you are interested in the android client project?

If you’d like to find an alternative project that would address the needs of end-users, @jennifer and I could possibly try to find a match based on the skills you want to work on. No pressure, just wanted to put the offer out there :slight_smile: Happy coding!

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Actually I’m an android developer and I’m also learning web development but i really need to expand my android skill because that’s the skill I properly know. About the above this topic I raised, I just wanted to know, did the goals mentioned in github repo already got achieved or not and @grace Your first reply was really detailed and helping and also @rishabh997 gave a pretty clean answer so think it questions my answer. Let me come clean i actually asked because i want make a project proposal in android client for GSoC2021. So that’s it thanks grace and rishab for helping me.

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