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My team and I are working with openMRS willingly. This software is perfect. In this step, We are creating a program and a special form for patients based on our needs. I want to know your response about a very important question. How can we define a proposal as an OpenMRS distribution? we have two ideas (two different configurations) and analyzed it completely with our consultant team. But we do not know how to cooperate with OpenMRS community? How can we send the proposal to the openMRS community? Could you please help us in this process? Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks Najme

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Hi @najme,

Here is a good place to start sharing what your two configurations would do. Could you provide a summary of what they intend to achieve? That will help understanding better what your team is up to and where any work ahead would fit.

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Anyone attending the Nairobi OMRS18 conference who can discuss this? Also reaching out to @c.antwi would be a good start, too!

Dear @akanter and @mksd
Thanks for your attention.

The first configuration is the simulation of Integrated Health Care model for elderly in developing countries. Studies have shown that lack of access to real and timely data at time of decision making by managers is one of challenges of healthcare centers. Even, sometimes this issue has affected future planning and national policies of countries. Also, some studies mention diversity of services and complexity of environment as other important challenges of healthcare centers; so in such a complex environment, the existence of a system to control environment and increase efficiency and effectiveness is considered as an inevitable necessity. So, we decided to categorize the diseases and work on two valuable topics considering mentioned aims. As you know, ongoing increase in the elderly population in many developed countries has drawn attention to health of this age group. Recording adequate and relevant data for the elderly is considered as the basis for future planning for this segment of society. So, collecting demographic data, medical histories, care plans, health assessment and financial data of elderly health are very important for Increasing the elderly’s quality of life and future planning for this group. We want to model Integrated Health Care for elderly via this software and controlling patients’ quality of life using two devices (point of care testing) based on care plans by a new module in patient dashboard to check them. This relationship can be very helpful and we can prove its advantages. Also, in developing countries patients are more than the patients in developed countries and you know most of people use public hospitals. A public hospital or government hospital is a hospital which is owned by a government and receives government funding. In some countries, this type of hospital provides medical care free of charge, the cost of which is covered by government reimbursement and unfortunately, because of high density of patients in hospitals, they cannot present good care programs . 5 common problems: Too many avoidable patient days, Desire for physician integration but very few employed physicians, Unhealthy community, Poor communication between providers, and Physician and nurse shortages. And the most important issue is medication error by residents’ orders. We decided to design a configuration to check the residents’ medication orders by their professors. Because patients and their families face some irrecoverable problems. We have been designing a novel configuration based on needs of patients and physicians to control and help both groups. In this step we need OpenMRS community to support us. We have been studying all the aspects, we can present our projects, and prove the necessity of them especially in developing countries.

Thanks Najme

From a technical standpoint, if I attempt to summarise, is that what you intend to do?

  1. ‚ÄėDevices‚Äô (two devices) are used at the point-of-care to record elderly-specific data.
  2. Those device transmit their data to OpenMRS.
  3. A new dashboard widget or app or … etc is dedicated to consume and display those data within OpenMRS.

Is that correct?

As you can see I’m trying to zero in on what the technical implications could be, because this is mainly (but not only) the kind of help/guidance that you will be able to get here.

Yes, the mentioned items are one of two phases of our first project.

Please check this summary: 1-Designing an Integrated health care model for elderly 2-Collecting demographic data, medical histories, care plans, health assessment and financial data of elderly health to follow them. Moreover 3-doctors can follow their patients by our method for follow-up ( 1. ‚ÄėDevices‚Äô (two devices) are used at the point-of-care to record elderly-specific data.2. Those device transmit their data to OpenMRS. 3. A new dashboard widget or app or ‚Ķ etc is dedicated to consume and display those data within OpenMRS.)

The mentioned data are just related to our first project…

our second project includes a novel, interesting, and helpful process that can be very useful in public hospitals and we want to use it via OpenMRS.

Hi @najme This week is the OMRS conference . I will get back to you next week . With my thoughts and potential next steps.

Ok. Thanks

Have you checked my response? what is your idea? Could you please help me?

I don’t think you really confirmed whether my understanding of what you are trying to achieve was correct. I suggest that you keep expanding there.

Also, for what aspects of the work to come are you seeking help or support?

I confirmed it and also explained about it.

I checked different pages like ‚Äú‚ÄĚ in which we have this sentence"OpenMRS seeks to improve our organizational efficiency and responsiveness. We seek to better coordinate and support partner efforts, magnifying the impact of the OpenMRS-related work that they already do." Therefore, I decided to share my question here that how OpenMRS community can support us, about technical help, financial support, etc‚ĶBecause we think these two configurations can be very useful in medical record system.

Anyway, we want to know the response of your question too.

@najme so are you proposing something to be implemented by the community?

Or have you already gone through some dev work and you intend to bring new code/configurations into the code base?

This is what I fail to understand: where do you actually stand right now, and what practical step should the community assist you with?

To design these two new configurations, we have been working on metadata-driven design and development.We need the community’s help in this process too.

Having checked different pages about OpenMRS, we understood OpenMRS community has ‚Äúdistributions program‚ÄĚ meaning specific strategies. Now, we want to know what practical step, technical support, and financial support the community devoted for this program.

My understanding here is that you have come up with a data model that helps support the elderly patients care. I think that you should open a dedicated thread to discuss this and get people’s feedback. Maybe I’m wrong and it’s no data model at all but just a collection of metadata that you have put together, in any case, please share this in a new discussion.

There are a variety of OpenMRS distributions out there that address specific use cases. Most of the time they address a regional use case, those are country distributions, but some tackle a specific clinical use case, such as Bahmni endTB for instance‚Ķ The community offers a platform to advertise those (such as here). Is that what you meant by ‚Äúdistributions program‚ÄĚ?

Hi @mksd. I mean the support that OpenMrs community considered for the creative configurations in the ‚Äúdistribution program‚ÄĚ. Why OpenMRS community ask for proposals in this program? Of course, after analysis of a proposal, they want to make a decision about it. I want to know how is this process?

Can we have a Skype meeting to talk about it?

I’m not sure what the process is in details, but nevertheless I would suggest to share what you have done so that we can move forward. But also I don’t think you should worry too much about it, any useful contribution to the OpenMRS code base will be welcome (whether it is a new module, changes to existing modules, a whole new distribution, … etc).

I would suggest to share more information about what you have done. If you haven’t started work yet and that you need design guidance/consensus, request a design call. There again I would suggest to start a thread ahead of the call outlining where you’re at and what guidance you need for further steps.

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@najme Would you like to make an introduction presentation on your project at the next design forum which is currently scheduled at 4pm UTC .

Which timezone are you in?

Yes, Of course. I would like to make an introduction presentation on our project at the design forum. Iran Standard Time (IRST) or Iran Time(IT) is the timezone used in Iran. Iran uses a UTC offset UTC+03:30. Could you please tell me which day will the next design forum be held?

@najme Design Forums are typically on Mondays 4-5pm UTC and Wednesdays 6-7pm UTC. You can read more about them here:

I suggest going here to request a design call: Propose a Design Forum Topic

I know that this Wednesday, we have a topic already on the agenda: Design Forum 2019-01-23: Architecture proposal: Modules and Verticals

@najme you would probably be best served by one of our Monday calls at 4-5pm UTC (7:30-8:30pm IRST). Please go here to Propose a Design Forum Topic and create a new post then we can assist to find a time that best works for your required attendees.

@jthomas, I have sent a request , but have not received any responses by now. What should I do?