After logout showing http error 500

Platform 2.1.3(Enterprise),Reference Application 2.8.0

I install platform 2.1.3(enterprise) and use Reference Application 2.8.0 when i deploying openmrs platform2.1.3 it take many times, at the end time it showing service unavailable but when i written in this URL http://localhost/openmrs/login.htm it goes to login page and work fine so let me know why it showing service unavailable ? and after logout it showing

This page isn’t working localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

how can i solved this ? please help me it very urgent

Are you able to reproduce this problem after restarting tomcat?

yes when i restart tomcat it showing …

but again i refresh the url then it showing login page and when logout then it also showing previous problem

Which version of Java and Tomcat are you running?

Thanks for your reply i am using java version “1.8.0_171” and tomcat 9.0.8-0

Can you also share the tomcat logs at

I do not know which tomcat log file ?please help me about finding file

Can you list the names that you see?

this a image snapshot of tamcat folder files


How did you install Tomcat?

As usual download tomcat and install in windows 10

If you did that by using the installer, then i would expect tomcat to be installed in a folder like …/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/…"

this is tomcat installer folder path C:\Bitnami\tomcatstack-9.0.8-0

Can you point me to where you downloaded this installer from?

This is downloaded file link

On that page, which of the listed did you use?

i used 64-bit Windows zip (pgp, sha1, sha512) file

Can you use the “32-bit/64-bit Windows Service Installer”?

Thanks for quickly repose me thanks a lot my windows 64 bit so i install tomcat 64-bit Windows zip (pgp, sha1, sha512) file So will i use 32-bit Windows zip?

Did you try the one i told you?