Adding "Close Visit" button to Patient Dashboard

I would like to be able to close a visit from the Patient Dashboard screen. Is there a way to do it?

Thank you

@htorresb have you read the wiki documentation about Auto expiry of Visits in Bahmni?

I know this doesn’t answer your exact question, but on the other thread you said your client wants the simplest workflow. There are two very simple approaches that don’t require the users to do anything:

  1. close all (outpatient) visits at the end of the day
  2. auto-close visits after the patient has no encounter activity for some number of hours

Darius, Thank you so much ! One more question: is there a way to open the Clinical app after clicking on the “Start OPD Visit” button? Or, even better, is there a way to open the Patient’s Dashboard after clicking on the “Start OPD Visit” button?

Regards and thanks again

Hi Humberto, It is possible to configure the next page on Registration Save.Please refer Bahmni WIKI. Please do let us know if any issues.

Yes this is possible.

No this is not possible. As @swathivarkala mentioned, one can close visit from registration visit page (second page of registration)

Swathivarkala, The registration/extension.json file that came with my Bahmni install does not include the “enterConsultation” section that is listed in the Wiki link you provided. Should I add it instead?

Thank you

Yes, you have to add it