Start Visit dropdown not hiding

I want to hide the Start Visit dropdown on the Registration app. As indicated in Bahmni Wiki, I added a line with “showStartVisitButton”:false in app.json. However, after refreshing the page, the dropdown is not hiding at all. Should Ido anything else?

Make sure there isnt another showStartVisitButton which is overriding this configuration. Please send us the contents of app.json

Sravanthi, Thank you, my registration/app.json file below:

{ “id”: “bahmni.registration”, “instanceOf”:“bahmni.template.registration”, “description”: “Bahmni Patient Registration App”, “extensionPoints”: [ { “id”: “”, “description”: “Bahmni Patient Search Result Action” }, { “id”: “”, “description”: “After Bahmni Patient Registration, forward url configuration” } ], “contextModel”: [ “patientUuid”, “activeVisitUuid” ], “config” : { “showStartVisitButton”: false, “patientInformation”: { “hidden”: { “attributes”: [ “primaryContact” ] }, “defaults”: { “class”: “General”, “landHolding”: 2 } }, “addressHierarchy”: { “showAddressFieldsTopDown”: false, “strictAutocompleteFromLevel”: “” }, “relationshipTypeMap”: { “Doctor”:“provider”, “Parent”:“patient” }, “autoCompleteFields”:[“caste”], “defaultIdentifierPrefix”: “PRIV”, “defaultVisitType”: “OPD”, “searchByIdForwardUrl”: “/patient/{{patientUuid}}”, “showMiddleName”: false, “showBirthTime”: false, “showEnterID”: false, “showCasteSameAsLastNameCheckbox”: false, “printOptions”: [ { “translationKey”: “REGISTRATION_PRINT_REG_CARD_LOCAL_KEY”, “templateUrl”: “/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/registrationCardLayout/print_local.html”, “shortcutKey”: “l” }, { “translationKey”: “REGISTRATION_PRINT_REG_CARD_KEY”, “templateUrl”: “/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/registrationCardLayout/print.html”, “shortcutKey”: “p” }, { “translationKey”: “REGISTRATION_PRINT_SUPPLEMENTAL_PAPER”, “templateUrl”: “/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/supplementalPaperLayout/print.html”, “shortcutKey”: “r” }, { “translationKey”: “REGISTRATION_PRINT_WITH_BARCODE”, “templateUrl”: “/bahmni_config/openmrs/apps/registration/registrationCardLayout/printWithBarcode.html”, “shortcutKey”: “c” } ], “conceptSetUI”: { “REGISTRATION FEES”: { “required”: false, “label”: “Fee” }, “FHS”: { “buttonSelect”: true }, “defaults”:{ “FHS”: “Present” } }, “fieldValidation” : { “primaryContact” : {“pattern” : “[0-9]{8,10}”, “errorMessage” : “Should be 12 characters starting with 91 (country code)”}, “landHolding” : {“pattern” : “[0-9]{0,3}”, “errorMessage” : “Should be between 1 to 999 acres”}, “familyName” : {“pattern” : “.", “errorMessage” : “Solo letras”}, “givenName” : {“pattern” : ".”, “errorMessage” : “Solo letras”} } } }

Sorry for the inconvenience @htorresb This is a defect. We will fix it soon. You can track the status @

Sorry to inform that the configuration mentioned in WIKI is no more valid. Bahmni doesn’t support hiding the Start Visit Button.

Can you please give us more info on why do you need to hide this button ? May be we can help you solve the use case in a different way rather than hiding the start visit button.

Sravanthi, Basically, my client wants to keep things very simple. They want to use only Observation Forms to keep track of Patient’s multiple visits. What I have observed is that after registering a patient, the user is forced to START a visit and fill a preliminary questionary. Then, after filling oservation forms they are forced to go back to the prelimiary questionary and CLOSE the visit.

The ideal workflow scenario for my client would be:

  1. Filling registration form (only for new patients)
  2. Going to CLINICAL app and fill observation forms
  3. The visit’s date should be autopopulated when the doctor is filling the observation forms

From this point of view, STARTING / CLOSING visit would´t make sense

I would appreciate your feedback. Thank you !

It is mandatory to have atleast an open visit for a user. So this is unavoidable. But what we can do is skip going to the next page where preliminary question is filled. Please follow the discussion and steps mentioned in Adding "Close Visit" button to Patient Dashboard

FYI. Bahmni can auto-close a visit based on timeout (like close automatically every mid-night):

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Adding to that, you can also make the registration next page directly pointing to clinical dashboard instead of visit page. The downside of it is, you can not close the visit (and edit the visit details) manually as the close visit button is available in visit page which will be hidden in this way.

The configuration for that looks like below:

“bahmni_patient_registration_next”: { “id”: “”, “extensionPointId”: “”, “type”: “config”, “extensionParams”: { “display”: “Patient Dashboard”, “shortcutKey”: “d”, “forwardUrl”: “…/clinical/#/default/patient/{{patientUuid}}/dashboard” }, “order”: 1, “requiredPrivilege”: “Edit Patients” }

This has to be placed in registration extension.json file. Check if this works for you.

Maheshonopenmrs, Thank you !