Add On Index is live


Our new tool for searching and downloading the available Add Ons for OpenMRS is now live. Going forwards you should shift to using instead of (I expect @raff to do a followup post soon about how to start publishing modules to Bintray instead of Modulus.)

More details here:

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I should add, it should be very easy for any of you to set up a dev environment and contribute code to the Add On Index tool. You just need standard Java 8, Node.js, and Docker. The tech stack is Spring Boot for the server, ReactJS (without Redux) on the front end, and ElasticSearch as the datastore. The README should tell you what you need to know, and the code should be quite approachable.

(With Modulus we were stuck in a place where for years nobody could build the code or run it locally for testing. That will not happen to us on this project.)