Add On Index is live!

I’m happy to announce that we have now officially gone live with the OpenMRS Add On Index, at

From this point forwards, this is the place you should go when you’re looking for OMODs or OWAs. (We will soon be retiring Modulus, and having the hostname redirect to addons.)

Learn how to list your Add On in the index here: Also, feel free to update your modules with icons or tags by sending pull requests to this same file.

I’d like to especially thank @reubenv for his work before and during this year’s GSoC. He has added some key features, and done some nice UI refactoring. Please continue to give feedback, so we can continue improving this tool. (Or, get involved in development!) Special thanks to @suthagar23, @mseaton, and @burke for your design feedback. And as always @cintiadr was invaluable in getting our hosting and CI builds set up.

You can use this Talk category #projects:add-on-index, for feedback and questions, or you can report bugs directly at


Awesome :smiley: .

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This is great news! Well done @darius and @reubenv and everyone else who contributed to moving this forward.


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Great work! It is very sweet to finally retire modulus. :smile:


We now have two Module Repository projects in the graveyard: Modulus plus the original module repository…let’s hope this is the last one :slight_smile:

Loool. I had forgotten about the original one. :blush:

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I should also highlight here: we’re now using JFrog’s Bintray as the back end for module storage. That should be a lot more sustainable in the long run than doing this ourselves.

In other words, if this project should ever end up in the graveyard (which it won’t!), no data will be lost.

(cc @jbaruch)


It very well could…look what happened with the first instance of the Module Repository, Modulus, and now this…I hope it doesn’t but…maybe the fact that this is in Java is better…