Add new column in patient table

Actually I want to add a new column name pre - conditions that means patient have diabetic or hypertension like that so we have add that column and also allow to search on the same column means lists only diabetic patient. How to do that please help me.

@sushmaupadhya you are too brief.I personally cannot get what you are doing.

In register patient name, gender, birth date, address and relatives are there. I want to add one more that is pre conditions. Using these column I am able to search.
Pre conditions - Diabetic/Hypertension/others/none options are there. In seach box we entered diabetic it will display all the diabetic patient.

@sushmaupadhya you need to make changes in your model class for adding the column field, make the hibernate xml mapping of your column to the database table and finally include a liquibase changeset

I added new column as mentioned in openmrs wiki page, but it appears in register patient page and it shows but click on that patient it throws error and how to add it in model class because in eclipse m2e connector was not available.

Did run the changes to see if the column you added appeared in the database table? … u can also share the openmrs wiki page here

newly added column appears while enter the data of the patient but once click on the patient it shows

and I want to add Blood group in vital how to add that. In database I opened any table it shows

and which table It will be there. Actually I installed SDK but when I click manage module it shows

HTTP Status 404 -

type Status report


description The requested resource is not available.

click on > Advanced administration, >Manage module

the new column changes must be effective in the database first ,you need to read about liquibase configurations on how to add a column in the database table

I guess the question here is why do you need to add the patient’s conditions during the patient intake? Registration collects the patient demographics, insurance information, etc. What you are describing is part of the clinical process that should be collected in a form as part of the assessment of the patient.

Additionally, for confidentiality purpose, you should not display anything that relates to the patient’s clinical condition at registration as the person at the registration is not a clinician (or even if it’s a clinician, it’s not best practice).

In OpenMRS, you have a conditions module that allows you to capture patient’s conditions. Or you can add the conditions in your form as concepts.


No not like that. Its a pre existing conditions means if they have diabetic or hypertension like that and we have to add the blood pressure, rh type and habit also. So we need that column.

In which xml file we have to add that extra column mapping. In which model class I am add my new column field.

if your adding a new column in the patient table then the model class is patient,the xml file where you need to do the extra hibernate mappings is Patient.hbm.xml

@sushmaupadhya You do not need to add a column to the patient table, I would suggest the following approach:

  1. Create an Encounter Type - initial assessment
  2. Capture pre-conditions as part of this initial assessment encounter, so you can always refer to this encounter type of capture them

How to do that is there any link about that.

@sushmaupadhya This is exactly what I was referring to in my previous post.

Create an Encounter Type - initial assessment

  • Go to administration>Encounters>Manage encounter types then from here you can create a new encounter type ‘Initial Assessment’

Capture pre-conditions as part of this initial assessment encounter, so you can always refer to this encounter type of capture them

  • Create a HTML form and select the encounter type that you just created
  • In the HTML form, you can capture the pre-condition concepts that you want to capture

Can you please tell the steps for creating html form and selecting the new encounter created.

Actually I created new registration app in manage app definition but every time I restart the computer it shows error. every time I restart the computer need to enabled newly created app. How to solve this. In patient dashboard I want to add blood group, rh type and ethnicity in header of the patient dashboard and add habits after latest observation. And I want to create new module that is cancer module and in that I want to add some tissue related report how to do that. If any documentation is there please let me know. thank you.

I edited all the columns in model class and add hibernate mapping through eclipse IDE. But its not updated in database. How to fix the problem.

@sushmaupadhya try to share your logs here or screen shots of the results you are getting