Access To Wiki And JIRA

Hey! @pascal and @cintiadr. Am relatively new at OpenMRS, and I of recent started off with learning to develop with OpenMRS. In that context, I got to learn that I need to access Wiki and Jira so I made a case at the help desk yesterday but upto now am not allowed to access Wiki and Jira… Can you please help me out…

According to our user database, you have access to JIRA and the wiki. What exactly is happening when you try to log in at or

Man thanks!! Am now granted access.

Hello community, I recently obtained an OpenMRS id so that I can start contributing to the growth and development of the project.I have been contributing to one of your modules (mUzima) for a while now and I felt that it would be great to make some contribution to the core openmrs framework. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to access JIRA and have no idea how to go about it.

Am really excited about being an active code contributor, please help.


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