Access To Openmrs JIRA

Hello community, I recently obtained an OpenMRS id so that I can start contributing to the growth and development of the project.I have been contributing to one of your modules (mUzima) for a while now and I felt that it would be great to make some contribution to the core openmrs framework. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to access JIRA and have no idea how to go about it.

Am really excited about being an active code contributor, please help.



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Also see Getting Started as a Developer for this (and other guidelines on getting involved).

Create a new case at OpenMRS Helpdesk stating you’d like to contribute and would like edit access to Wiki and JIRA. Because of spammers, we must require this extra step before you can edit wiki pages or make any changes to JIRA tickets.

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Thanks so much @danfuterman I have created the issue and helpdesk replied swiftly. I now have access, hurray!!. Thanks again.

I have access now, So how do I get access to the community telegram?

Thanks @danfuterman