A report on what to include on the proposed quick guide of installation of openmrs by implementors

As we continue to improve our documentation,we are also coming up with different ideas that can be an add on to the available documentation.One of which is creating a quick guide for installation of openmrs for implementers. This thread contains a simple report attachment of what can be included.All the ideas on how to carry out this are welcome most especiallly on the existing operating systems. report on quick guide for openmrs installation for implementors.pdf (56.4 KB) cc @jennifer @jwnasambu @irenyak1 @gcliff @mozzy @c.antwi @tendomart @dkayiwa @odorajonathan @sharif @georgejr @ruhanga @samuel34


@herbert24 the doc you shared seems to be empty. can you also share the pdf of the same doc ?

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Really,when i down load it i get access to the information.its just one page!!

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yes , but i seem not able to view the info. you can create a pdf version of it using MS-word and upload it again.I believe a pdf is better for every one

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could that be a better copy?

yes i can now see the content @herbert24

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@herbert24 can you share a google doc and invite us ?