3.0 Framework: Questions Thread

Thank you everyone who joined Day 1 of our Spring Community Meeting!

Goal of this thread

To address questions that come up around the 3.0 Framework.

What is the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework?

In case you missed the 3.0 Framework plenary & discussion that happened today, here’s the recording below, and slides are here.

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So far there’s been one anonymous question submitted from an Implementer about the 3.0 Framework:


“Who is going to be responsible for building the back end web services and data model?”


  • The OpenMRS server is the back end and provides the data model.
  • The REST and FHIR modules provide the web services. The FHIR Squad is responsible for the FHIR module.
  • This also reduces some of the worry about the difficulty of upgrading: the 3.0 stack is actually compatible with versions of the platform from 2.1 on. (The limit is due to the FHIR2 module, which supports 2.0+, and Iniz which supports 2.1+).
  • Our current 3.0 demo environment is actually running Platform 2.1.

Thanks @bistenes & @ibacher for your help with this answer :slight_smile:


Great work guys and nice to see new UI with lots of latest features.