Spring OpenMRS Community Meeting 7th & 8th April

Hello everyone,

The Spring OpenMRS community meeting is around the corner and below are few more updates following the News Update that was shared:

Meeting theme.

The theme of the meeting is Foundations for Collaboration

Meeting timing.

The meeting will take place on 7th and 8th April as from the following times:1pm to 5pm UTC | 4pm EAT to 8pm EAT | 2pm - 6pm WAT| 6am-10amPDT|6:30pm-10:30pm IST.

Add to your Google Calendar with this link or click this button:


Registrations are currently ongoing. Please proceed to register here.

Your registration details will be used to send out the meeting invite and to keep you posted on other details with regards to the meeting.

Lighting talks.

There are only 9 slots available, so please go ahead and sign up. Each presenter will have exactly 5 mins.

Implementer showcase.

Get to find out what OpenMRS implementers are working on this year and see how best you can collaborate among the community and with other implementers’ as well. Each Implementer who has signed up will have 10 mins to share:

  • What are you currently working on.
  • Plans for the year.
  • Pain-points.
  • What problems is your work trying to solve?

The sign-up sheet is available here.

Squad Showcase.

In addition to the implementers’ showcase, the community will also get to see what the different squads have planned for the year. Each squad will have strictly 10 mins.

The sign-up sheet is available here and slide template are available: here

For More details including the conference schedule, please check out the wiki page available here. :point_left:


Visual asset for social media - kudos to @jennifer for the great idea to use the OMRS20 group images for this :slight_smile:


Hello @christine

Are the 9 slots reserved only for presenters? Is the meeting online?

@dbryzz yes those 9 slots are just referring to 9 presentation slots for the lightning talks. The # of participants is unlimited so please go ahead and register for the conference :slight_smile:

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A gentle reminder the OpenMRS Spring Showcase kicks off tomorrow.

A few things to keep in mind;

  1. You need to register to get the link to the zoom conference room.

  2. Interested in participating in the meeting? Well, we have some activities you can sign up for. As an individual, we have the lighting talks and as an implementer/organization we have the implementer show case.

  3. The meeting will commence and end at the following times: 1pm to 5pm UTC | 4pm EAT to 8pm EAT | 2pm - 6pm WAT| 6am-10amPDT|6:30pm-10:30 pm IST .

  4. For squad and team leads, please ensure you have created your presentation and recorded the demos. The community members are looking forward to seeing what you have been up to since December 2020. For more details check out this post.

  5. Finally, for More details including the conference schedule, please check out the wiki page available here*


Hi Community! The recordings from all the sessions are now available here, with a couple sessions uploaded to YouTube as well: OpenMRS 2021 Spring ShowCase - Resources - OpenMRS Wiki