2021-03-24: Introduction to QA call schedule

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Bassing on 2021-03-23: QA Support Team Call that is todays QA Team call, @herbert24 volunteered to conduct another session to help we, starters, and any one willing to learn or teach more about Quality Assurance in OpenMRS.

@sharif Shared a screen and demonstrated Unit testing. I personally, didn’t understand fully what he was doing (though i have ever written unit tests before). How i wish its demonstrated again.

@k.joseph and @gracebish also promised to be present in that call :slightly_smiling_face:.
@kdaud suggested that it will be awesome if we try to attend to some intro tickets as a group :+1: :+1:

I would suggest that the meeting happens on 2021-03-24, that is tomorrow at 4pm EAT, 6:30 pm IST and 1:00 pm GTM, so that we have two hours before the 2021-03-24: Getting to Know OpenMRS Webinar. We can use the whole 2hrs or just one. It will depend on what we decide.

Should i make some adjustment in this time or its favorable to every individual.

cc @k.joseph @herbert24 @gracebish @kdaud @grace @jennifer @christine and anyone willing to join the call.


Sorry for this, hopefully if time allows we shall do another round of demonstration for us to learn more and get acquainted however always feel free to re-visit qa call recordings @k.joseph always provides some clarity about different automation tests, however lets see if we can meet tomorrow on the call

OK thanks again Sharif

Thanks @jnsereko for the follow up and for the brilliant proposed learning session. We surely need more of such demonstrations as presented by @sharif. About the tomorrow’s session, I suggest that it takes one hour since tomorrow is loaded with many calls. There after, more sessions can be scheduled. @sharif thanks so much. Please keep it up.

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@jnsereko the good news is, you can indeed see it again :wink: Here’s the recording from today’s QA call: Quality Assurance Team - Indiana University


we can run for one hour from 4pm to 5pm EAT using uberconference.com/room/openmrs

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@herbert24 Thanks for the arrangement. I will attend.


thanks @grace

Here is a spread sheet that can help us getting down manual testing Ref App test case - Google Sheets hope this might help us


@sharif @herbert24 @gracebish thanks so much for the tips shared. I was hearing you, although you could not hear me and I was interfered with a power failure along the way. My question is that can I be on more than one squad? For, I am currently on the microfrontends squad, but I have been greatly motivated to also contribute to QA squad. If yes, please just point me to the appropriate link to get started.


I missed this call today, that I shouldn’t have missed. Could you put me in the loop next time if possible.

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Welcome and thanks for joining the call, You are allowed to be on morethan one squad however i would advise to concentrate on one thing master it and contribute it to that would greatly improve

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