2019-05-06 Design Forum: Microfrontends: The Next Steps

Can you imagine 21 OpenMRS community members working with at least six different distributions coming together to talk about microfrontends? This is exactly what happened during Monday’s Design Forum with Joel Denning of single-spa - with the discussion going on for an additional 30 minutes!

It’s time for us to take another step closer to making this a reality. Those who are already committed to working with us on an initial prototype will meet on Monday, May 6 at 9:30pm IST | 7pm Nairobi | 6pm Cape Town | 4pm Accra | 12pm Boston | 9am Seattle to discuss scope, go over the RFC process, the different roles involved, communication, and other details. Whether you are ready and able to take on a role or simply want to keep following the conversation, please feel free to join us!

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Today’s Design Forum will discuss our next steps with Microfrontends.

Here’s a link to the agenda/notes: https://notes.openmrs.org/2019-05-06-Design-Forum

Thanks to everyone who joined Monday’s Design Forum, where we began to discuss next steps for microfrontends. Below are the highlights and key action items from the discussion. Please click on this link for the recording. Complete notes available on our notes page.

Who: Microfrontend Squad Formation

We discussed setting up a squad who will drive this initial project forward. @joeldenning would like to work with an initial group of devs who work with different OpenMRS distributions and are comfortable with frontend technology (javascript)

  • Ideal if these devs can commit 50% or more of their time to this effort over the next several weeks .
  • There will also be a need for UI/UX design, QA, and PMs later on as well.

Points of Contact

  • @bistenes and @fali were identified as points of contact for PIH and AMPATH

Product owners (@mseaton @mogoodrich @jdick @burke @jennifer)

  • This group has a strategic interest in the direction of this project and would like to remain a part of these discussions initially
  • They would like see a clear path for running this side by side/co-mingling with current applications, how quickly can we integrate something new into existing frameworks,
  • There was also strong interest in leveraging/using what has already been built that can be used (ie: react components library), open to changing/improving what has already been built.

OpenMRS supporting roles:

  • @dkayiwa (developer needs), @c.antwi (PM needs) @jennifer (coordination, community/external communications) will support the work of this squad as well.
  • Would like to have someone from the squad join the weekly PM meetings (Mondays, 11am EDT/8am PDT)

Discussion: Initial Scope

  • The main idea is that this squad will take up and work on this idea, culminating in a hackathon where others in the community can come on board, and resulting in a proof of concept/prototype.
  • This discussion highlighted the importance of having a strategy for incremental adoption and a migration path. @joeldenning has been familiarizing himself with OpenMRS and has some ideas, however, this has not been discussed in the RFC process, nor has it been decided yet. This could be what the squad tackles initially.
  • At some point, we will need to decide core apps of the EMR (login, patient dashboard, etc). What modules should be built? Which ones are core OpenMRS, up to distributions?
  • Figuring this out (what is in core, what is not, what do we mean by modular, what frontend code would be shared? How much is shared, in what ways?) will take time and can start now
  • Suggested that we come up with a list that we want the squad to work on initially, outline core modules (infrastructure stuff), set of UI components that would be a part of prototype
  • @jdick will launch this discussion on Talk following squad’s initial meeting
  • @joeldenning will set up an initial meeting, creating more RFCs

We have high hopes for this as a community. As the scope and process becomes more concrete, more specific roles will come out and others may become engaged later on. Additional needs that others in the community can respond to may also come up. This is only the beginning, so please continue to follow and join the conversations - and let us know how you would like to contribute.

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