2018 Update on Ebola Response

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During the 2014-2015 West African Ebola epidemic, OpenMRS was used as the basis of two different efforts to build open-source systems for Ebola Treatment Units, one led by Save the Children and ThoughtWorks, the other led by MSF and Google.

Read more in OpenMRS’s case study, or in articles about the two systems in the Journal of Medical Internet Research and Wired magazine.

We have a demo of the Save the Children / ThoughtWorks system running:

  • Red Zone tablet app: http://om.rs/ebolademotablet
    • resize your browser to look like a tablet in portrait mode (if not already using one)
    • no username and password needed; pick a team and make up a provider ID
  • Green Zone laptop app: https://om.rs/ebola
    • Username / Password: doctor / Doctor123
    • Username / Password: nurse / Nurse123
    • Username / Password: pharmacist / Pharmacist123

To quote from the conclusion of the JMIR article:

OpenMRS-Ebola can be adapted for future emergencies and is interoperable with other eHealth systems. To make a real impact, however, it must be part of a well-designed and tested set of interoperable electronic systems ready for deployment with appropriate hardware and training materials. Health information is too important a resource in emergency situations to be treated as an afterthought.

As we follow news of this year’s outbreak in the DRC, our community is again ready to support and advise on how OpenMRS can be leveraged in Ebola response efforts.

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