OpenMRS Use In Ending Pandemics

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EpiHack is a platform / forum for epidemiologists and Technologists aimed at forging solutions to track and report and end pandemics / epidemics in real time.
In a recently concluded Uganda Ministry of Health EpiHack Event held in Kampala April 20th - 25th 2018, three prototypes were developed during the long week event.

I was part of a team of developers who are developing Lab Sample Tracking system , aimed at tracking Probable Disease outbreak Sample Data from Point of Contact to policy makers.

There is an open source solution (afyadata) that was suggested and could be taken up by the team , however there is an abstraction on my part.The front end is built around open source ODK which is a good solution backend built on top of php.

Is there a possibility of customising existing solutions like OpenMRS Mobile and OpenMRS Ebola to take on a similar role. or better still is there a solution that does something similar,to harness. Integration is still another good option.

Thoughts @darius @dkayiwa

The challenge in these situations is the need for rapid aggregated reporting of outbreaks against the need for individual patient care. Since surveillance typically is driven by existing data collection, going from OpenMRS to surveillance activities is usually the direction to go. Going from mobile devices back into OpenMRS is less useful as the type of data being collected is not usually needed for direct patient care. However, a key cross-over piece is in CASE REPORTING where there is a need to manage individual patients with their contacts and then manage those contacts treatments/testing, etc. If we can provide the overall big picture for why longitudinal patient data management is required for epidemic management, then we have a winning story.

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Any insights into how this can be achieved ?

OpenMRS Ebola sort of captured my attention. I don’t know if it exactly fits into the picture.